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Robb's Fantastic 40th Birthday Cruise!

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This update contains content that some people may find offensive or crude.

If you are easily offended, turn back now! If you're not, be prepared to read an AWESOME update!


Robb's Fantastic 40th Birthday Cruise!

Part 1 - Arrival and checking out the ship

Part 2 - Photoshop contest, Chris gets drunk, & all dressed up!

Part 3 - Ziplining and getting smashed in Cabo San Lucas!

Part 4 - ATV's and other randomness in Mazatlan!

Part 5 - "The Quest For The Mexican Wal*Mart!"

Part 6 - "The Salad that is better than NORMAL Sex!" & Ryan gets kissed!

Part 7 - The Farewell TPR Party & Group Photos




Hey everyone!


Short version of the story! (Short version because I'm on a 55 cents per minute internet connection!)


Elissa planned a week long "Surprise Birthday Party" cruise for my 40th birthday and invited some well known TPR regulars!


And the rest is what is happening on the cruise right now!


If you want to keep updated, Follow us LIVE on Facebook!


Welcome to Robb's Fantastic 40th Birthday Surprise Cruise!!!


That's right bitches! Time for a TPR cruise 2010! Follow this for regular updates!


Our very first TPR Group Cruise! What familiar faces do you see?


As always...a TPR trip comes complete with lots of sausage.


And wherever there is sausage there is always Guy's A$$! (That's a great place to hide a sausage!)


TPR loves these Royal Caribbean Voyager class ships. Perfect for our group!


And this photo validates this entire update as a "theme park" trip!


Hanno gets the BOOB CREDIT!


Did Dave decorate this ship???


Sail away...goodbye Los Angeles....good riddance!


Time for some mini golf.


KidTums has this down!


"Meh...screw using the damn club!!!"


Hanno! Jump on that boat! It will take you home!


And thus starts a full week of the "drink of the day!"


Thumbs up for the drink of the day!


It's the "California Table!!!"


Mmmmmm...plain pasta!


The WINNERS of the first trivia contest of the cruise...this table full of TPR lunatics!


S'Mores = The best themed slot machine EVAR!!! (well next to Chainsaws & Toasters)


Stilt walkers on the ship??? William would be so jealous!


And now...it's time to party!!!


"Hey, what's with the starfish? Remove those suckers!!!"


"This is only my 8th long island iced tea if the night!"


"Wait...IS that William???"


There's a party on my cruise ship...


One of these dudes likes women...can you guess which one?


"Hey look! It's Fire and Ice shots!"




"That was not a good idea!"


For those of you who have been wondering what happend to "Quaker" he's now a topless go-go dancer on Royal Caribbean cruise ships!


Go Quaker! Go Quaker! Go Quaker! WE LIKE TO *DANCE!!!*


This is the "heart of the ship". I think I'm creeped out by it?


Time to work off all those shots!


More updates soon! If you want to keep updated, Follow us LIVE on Facebook!



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Robb, since you're married, would you mind passing over whatever chicks you get with that 3 wolf moon shirt to me? The power of my 3 wolf moon footsie pajamas (which I DO actually own) hasn't seemed to kick in yet.


That looks like an epic party voyage, happy birthday!

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^^Wow, that's awesome!! Don't worry, I found the 30 pounds you lost! Please feel free to take them back whenever you want!


Actually, way to go! I've been losing my 'battle of the bulge' for the past month, horribly, but now I'm motivated again!


Looks like you're having a blast! Happy (belated) double 20th birthday!

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PHOTOSHOP CONTEST!!! We all know that Chris really wants to go down on something OTHER than the shot glass. What else could it be? Everyone that enters a photoshopped version of this picture to our Cruise thread on TPR gets a Bag-O-Crap!


Be sure you post your photo and EMAIL DAN with your name and mailing address! mrt0ad13@aol.com


Irish Car Bomb for the jew...not a big deal!


These two shots will make EIGHT!




Chris is faking it! You want me...just admit it!


I said it on our Transatlantic cruise and I'll say it again now... This salad is better than "normal" sex.


Elissa and Colin have entered the slut tournament. If you get a high score you win a slut.


OMG! They won!!!


"Tap that button as fast as you can. Just like you do in the shower!" --Royal Caribbean Slut Tournament Host


Ooooh! If only it was real!


Joey and Big Mike and going to win some sluts!


Joey made it to the final round of the Slut Tournament!!!


It's easy to spot our groups cabins!


We have the "Royal Family Suite!"


Our balcony...amazing view! And yes Quaker is totally crashed!


It's formal night! Elissa shows off her dress. How will she ever fit into that?


We are just hanging out in our stateroom!


Royal Family Suite Stateroom room #1.


Royal Family Suite Stateroom room #1.


Watching the sunset from our stateroom balcony.


I'm cute dammit! Send me presents! (gift cards will do!)


Wow! TPR members all cleaned up!


Very...very sexy!


Moinab and her family look amazing!


We pressure washed the California Table and look what happened!


"Hey baby, can I fork you?"


This is the happiest moment in Hanno's life!


More to update tomorrow!



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