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Splash Adventure (Alabama Adventure) Discussion Thread

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Two things I noticed in the pictures.


1. "It also had numerous upgrades performed in the off-season." (Stratos-Fear)




2. The Claw marks on the Rampage T-Shirt.


It was more of a severe punch to the tailbone then a scratch.


I was really hoping to get out there again this year, but things just fell through. I think the park is looking great, and can't wait to see what happens for next year!

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Stratos Fear Screamer had some extensive work done to....well, just about everything. Last season it would go down all the time and has gone down due to a mechanical reason 3 or so times this year up to this point, all lasting no more than 30 or so minutes (yes, only THREE or so times).


I'm working on a "in season changes" update that I hope to get up sometime this weekend or early next week. Here is a crappy cell phone pic of something that changed last week until I can get the pictures from my actual camera uploaded.



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I was at the park this weekend and it was pretty busy and really hot! I had been to the park about 2 years ago and really liked Rampage a lot. This time though, while it was more fun than I remember it being and had more airtime, it was also extremely rough. It also felt really not maintained. There were times where it felt as if it was ripping off the track and there was one really bad pot hole after the second drop before the turn around that slammed my back pretty good both times I rode it. And yes, I did hold my back off the seat. The other thing that I saw were bad operations. The height limit for Rampage is 48". There was a train that went out with two little girls in it that could not have been more than 3 or 4 years old and definitely were NOT 48 inches. I was actually a little concerned that one of them would even make it back to the station. Obviously the two teens working the ride did not care about their safety. Both of the girls I am speaking of were smaller than KidTums and one of them was in the back seat by herself. There is no way that this was a safe ride for either of them. The ride ops need to be more careful about this as it could end up in a law suit for the park.


Other than that we had a great time and were there to celebrate my 34th birthday. Nothing can be better than riding coasters with your friends for your birthday!

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The park has announced their new for 2011 ride is a Shoot-the-Chute ride and is having a naming contest: http://www.alabamaadventure.com/


Name the NEW Ride at Alabama Adventure Contest!


Alabama Adventure, Alabama's Largest Water and Theme Park, is pleased to announce the most exciting addition to the Theme Park in years with a "Shoot-the-Chute" water attraction ride. This major expansion is sure to keep our Guests cool & thrilled, plunging down a five story, heart pounding chute for a massive splash soaking riders and on- lookers alike. HOWEVER, we need a great new name! In preparation of the new ride, Alabama Adventure is offering a chance for the community to "Name the Ride".


A panel of judges will select the ride name that best fits the park and community, where one lucky winner will receive a grand prize package of four season passes to Alabama Adventure Water and Theme Park, one Parking/ Rentals Season Pass for the park, and be among the first to ride the new ride with 10 of their friends. The contest begins Wednesday, November 3rd and will run through Wednesday, November 17th.


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"Dive into Malaria Lake: The Ride"


Edit: I thought Tidal Wave, but their swings already have that name. So what's famous in Alabama? I can only think of NASA. Yes, I thought of hillbillies too...sorry.

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