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Splash Adventure (Alabama Adventure) Discussion Thread

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Hey everybody!


This thread is simple! Rather than having a million little threads about everything that goes on at Alabama Adventure, this thread is designed to consolidate it all into one user-friendly thread. Feel free to use it to post updates, trip reports, questions, comments, and of course, general discussion. For pictures and videos of the park as well as past updates, see TPR's Park Index Page.


Official Park Website



Below are some links to past updates from the park, you may be interested in. Enjoy!






March 18, 2005 - Park gets Zoomerang from Australia



March 27th, 2006 - Visionland changes name to Alabama Adventure



May 15th, 2008 - Park sold to Adrenaline Family Entertainment (AFE)



July 22nd, 2009 - A year of changes with new owners



Mar. 20th, 2010 - Park adds new theatrical show for 2010

November, 2010 - Splash Boat announced for 2011



August 18th, 2011 - Alabama Adventure is up for sale



January 6th, 2012 - Park sold to a previous owner

April 4th, 2012 - Park finally hints that changes are coming to the ride portion of the park

April 5th, 2012 - Park to reopen as Splash Adventure water park sans dry rides

August 30th, 2012 - Park to reopen as Splash Adventure water park sans dry rides



March 14, 2014 - Koch family buys Splash Adventure





November 21st, 2018 - Parks annunces Galleon (Swinging Pirate Ship), waterpark slides and a secon train foir Rampage



Original Post:




http://www.al.com/search/index.ssf?/bas ... amnews?zwe


Visionland's Zoomerang roller coaster is expected to not only be a boon to the park, but also to Bessemer as well.


The new steel coaster from Australia is to make its debut when the park opens May 8.


Visionland officials don't talk attendance numbers, but they expect attendance to increase 25 percent just because of Zoomerang.


"It's going to be huge," said Bev Spahn, Visionland's marketing director. "We expect to meet that goal."


The $5 million triple-loop coaster was originally scheduled for the 2006 season, Spahn said.


"We moved it up because we expect it to do so much for the park," Spahn said.


Good news for the park means good news for Bessemer.


"The additional attendance means more motel room rentals, more people eating at restaurants and just the overall adding to the tax base," Spahn said.


A steel roller coaster is often seen as a star attraction at an amusement park and can be a big draw for new visitors, and especially, coaster enthusiasts, park officials said. Officials said there is a huge demand for this type of new attraction at Visionland.


"We're not Six Flags," Spahn said. "Birmingham can't support a Six Flags, but it can support something in the middle, which is what we are. Visionland is a phenomenal theme park. It's good for the state and the Birmingham area."


The coaster will introduce a lot of people to Bessemer for the first time, said LaTasha Cook, vice president of the Bessemer Area Chamber of Commerce.


"Roller coasters are pretty big," she said. "It's going to draw people who are going to also buy gas and perhaps do some shopping. I think it will have a huge impact on our tax base."


The 125-foot coaster is currently under construction. Testing is expected some time in April, Spahn said.

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Can you say over the top marketing or maybe sheltered people. This is the last type of coaster visionland needs. I would prefer even a mine train type coaster to this one.

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I think it's awesome. Regardless of what some jaded "enthusiasts" think, Boomerangs are major crowd pleasers. Zoomerang is just what the dying Visionland needs.


BTW, it will have yellow track and green supports.


P.S. Anyone else find it odd that Visionland is being so open about building a used coaster?




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^ I thought the same thing too. Especially when you've seen the polar opposite with things like Flashback at SFNE, where they make out to be brand spanking new!




Hey now, when I went to SFNE when they had the grand opening and I saw flashback, it looked new. You couldn't tell it was originally built in the 80's. They did such a good paintjob on it.


Now that I am a coaster enthusist I know it's just a used Piece of Crap.


Craiggers "Flashback is the only used coaster ever brought into the park" K.

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What year did you hit Australia's Wonderland? Was the Anal Probe freefall tower built yet? I heard that was wild! I wonder if they scrapped it or sold it? I'm sorta irked that they changed the Demon's colors. I thought an all-black Boomerang looked sweet! Yellow and Green and going to fade so quickly.




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I was ALL OVER Space Probe 7!!! In fact, it was my favorite drop ride until I rode Blue Fall last year. It was incredible. So well themed, ride ops stayed in character and did a great job! I still have my onride photo somewhere! I put it on my 'senior page' in my yearbook! I'd be really pissed if they scraped it. Last I heard they were trying to save it but who knows.


Looking into our Europe Trip it looks like Gardaland has a "mini" version. Same theming and enclosed top, but only about 150' tall. I hope it's as good!


Elissa "I even got the Kiddie Woodie Credit at Wonderland!" Alvey

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Here is the current deal with Wonderland.


Bush Beast is going under servailance in terms of a "Local Heritage Order" which will restrain it from going anywhere.


Beastie is still there, Which I doubt will go anywhere. I believe it will get knocked down. No Doubts about that one.


Probe last I heard about the Probe was that there hasn't been much interest in it, so a British Company which deals with the sales of used rides will be looking after it. This is however a rumor.


If you are ever going to talk about Wonderland on the forums, let it be good. If it is not good, like how crap the place was, take it somewhere else. I am sick and tired of people making fun of the land. Makes me really upset and angry.

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  • 1 year later...

...Hello Alabama Adventure. Today the park announced they are changing their name. They also announced their summer concert series and some of their future plans for the park including RV Campground, an animal park, A hotel w/ indoor water park, among others.

The press release can be found here



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I think the new name is a lot better than Visionland, which always reminded me of a theme park for eye doctors. I hope they don't rely too much on their concert series alone to bring in the people though. Much like Wild Adventures, the concert brings them in, the loads of rides is what will keep them their though. Visionland, err Alabama Adventure, is still lacking a lot in the rides department. Throwing all those other attractions in will definitely make it an "Alabama" Adventure, especially with the stock car racing. Git R Done!

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All I know is that this park hasn't seemed to do much right in the past few years. They can't seem to market themselves if their lives depended on it!


All these name changes and park re-structuring is just going to confuse people. Hell, I'm confused and I've BEEN to the damn park loads of time!!!


--Robb "What was wrong with Steel Waters?" Alvey

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^ yes, yes it is. Anyways, maybe with the added income of ripping people 50% more off then you usually what you usually would at anywhere else (Seeing as thats what they do at music venues) maybe the park will be able to install another large roller coaster like Rampage, or maybe a B&M or an INtamin.... *wishful thinking*

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"All I know is that this park hasn't seemed to do much right in the past few years. They can't seem to market themselves if their lives depended on it!" (robbalvey)


Could it be that it's in Alabama? Somehow, "theme park" and "Alabama" just don't seem to go together. No offense to anyone there, but...



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