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TPR's Scandinavia 2009 Trip!

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Nice TR Robb. This looks like yet another nice little Scandinavian park!


Ok, let's tally up everything cool here:


Dayglow Orange Train on Intamin ride + Underground barrel roll + Coaster that goes BOOOM!! + Crappy looking yet delicious pizza + Open air tower (why can't SFMM do that with the 2nd deck on Sky Tower? WHY!?!?) + Intamin Skater + Disco - SLC = Yet another AWESOME park!


Man, that really adds up!

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  • 2 weeks later...

So... it's been two weeks since the last update. I've no meaning to whine. I'm just eagerly waiting for the last part, Linnanmäki, since it's my home park, where I currently am working as a ride-op.


Just reminding, so that this would not remain unconcluded. However, if you feel this is whining, feel free to post the Morgan poem. It's hilarious!

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So... it's been two weeks since the last update....


Blah, blah, f**king blah....


...if you feel this is whining, feel free to post the Morgan poem.





Wow, we just can't please anyone today. From complaints about the wrong terminology for moles to more bitching about "where's the update? Where's the update?"


You know, I was actually going to do the Linnanmaki update today, but f**k it, I'll just take the weekend off and do it sometime next week.



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Our final day of the Scandi trip was spent at Linnanmaki. This is another "city park" which is right smack in the middle of Helsinki.


Linnanmaki is quite a big park with a fair number of coasters and flat rides. I have to be honest, there isn't really anything here that "stands out" but what they do have makes for quite a great day!


Today's "challenge" would be to "pass the egg" on the Scenic Railway. Huh? You ask. Well, turns out the local news station didn't think a group of theme park maniacs could hold and pass an egg while the coaster was running without breaking it.


Did we do it? Let's have a look....


Goodbye Scandinavia! We will see you again soon!


I just want to say thanks to Hanno, Craig, and everyone else who's photos I used for these updates. Oh, and there WILL be an Ikea and TPR Grand Prix update coming soon!


The Alvey women have had a great trip...now we have to go back home and get ready for...that's right...ANOTHER TPR TRIP!!!


Yes, they are loading cars onto our plane! Do you know what kind of car that is? If you do...EMAIL DAN!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com


Now the sad part...it was time to head back to the airport and go back to reality. Why do TPR trips have to end?


OMG!!! There it is! Do you see it? I sure do!


He also likes to suck his beer through a really long straw. We asked him why and he just simply said "I like long straws." We don't get it either, but we love Dave, so we don't ask any questions.


Dave shows off his straw and napkin engineering talents and builds and actual working SCAD Tower for Ice Bat!


...I think some kind of potato thing...did we mention there was beer?


We had beer...some kind of meat...more beer...


The park put on a fantastic private dinner for us in one of their restaurants...


Ok, KidTums, you ready for our farewell dinner?


It seriously just flips you around with no mercy at all. I had no idea what was happening to me during this ride.


Whatever this ride is, we LOVED it! Could this have been the best flat ride of the entire trip?


The most HORRIFIC picture ever or the most action Ice Bat has ever seen! You decide!


"Meh, what's the big deal? The wet look is in!"


Oh, yeah...they're wet...they are ABSOLUTELY wet!!!


Oh, yeah, look at that, the boat is now totally engulfed in this strange Finnish liquid...


Here comes the boat...that looks like a lot of water...Dan would not be happy...


Not even because it's that great of a coaster but because of how insanely ridiculously SOAKED you get!


The clear winner at the park is easily the Premier water coaster "Vonkaputous!"




Next up was the Mack E-Motion coaster. Sorry guys, this has to be one of the most pointless rides ever.


It did have a ball of fire so that instantly made it cooler. All it needed is on board audio and that would have been really Bizarro!


Hey guys, try not to look TOO excited, ok?


Salama aka Salami Coaster aka Maurer Söhne spinning coaster was probably my least favorite of the Maurer spinners. It was big like Tarantula, but just didn't seem to do much.


There are even guitar playing baby chickens named "Fanny." Yes, this ride is quite awesome and NOT to be missed!


That's right! The Egg Ride is an outdoor dark ride where you see cows and your favorite barnyard animals.


And speaking about egg challenges, did we mention this park has the awesome "Egg Ride?"


As you can see, the boys are getting ready for the giant penis part of the ride!


OMG! I had no idea Rosie O'Donnell was on the trip!


I will say that while Kirmu wasn't THAT intense, it still produces the best facial expressions!


As poorly demonstrated here! You get the idea. Roller Coaster? Nope! Penis? YOU BETCHA!


And I don't care what anyone says. That right there. That...is a penis.


Oh, yes...they had one of these evil contraptions there too! Now this one was NOWHERE NEAR as crazy as the Grona Lund version, but there were still a couple of good OMFG moments on it!


Yay! TPR loves Vuoristorata!!!


SUCCESS! No problem! In fact, we passed the egg for three or four rides and requested that we try to pass the chicken the egg came from, but we were denied that. (The chicken wasn't available on that day.)


Mid-ride you can see Fran on the left side handing off the egg! Did we do it?


The hand-off!


Here we go, passing the egg from the front of the train, to the back of the train, and the up front again!


Hmm...that looks like quite a ride...do you think the TPR crew can do it?


The local news crew have dared us to hold this egg and pass it back and forth while the coaster is running without breaking it. My response - "Are you kidding? No problem!"


You all look very happy, but are you ready for a challenge?


We started our day with some ERT on "Vuoristorata" also known as the Scenic Railway.


The final day of the trip is here! Linnanmaki!!!

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Sounds like a cool park, but what exactly does the E-Motion ride do?

Nothing...that's why it was so pointless. It's supposed to tilt and shake during some parts of the ride to make the curves appear to be more extreme.


It doesn't work and the entire ride is just dull and pointless.



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^^Not much.


It's supposed to have some sort of 'shocks' and tilt a bit, but no one could really even notice it.


Great park, nice place to end the trip, the only bummer was this park had probably the least for KT to do of all the parks on the trip. They had really ridiculous height restrictions on stuff that she had been riding the whole trip. I mean, even the dark ride and fun house she wasn't allowed on!?!?!

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The saddest part of the park was the bumper cars, where you are instructed "NOT" to bump into other cars. WTF??????? We were waiting in line and watching the drivers avoiding each other.


The rules were in Finnish, but Tommioh was nice enough to interpret them for us, we were going to ignore him. The ride op sensed our mischievous nature and read the rules in English. However, I was riding with the Brit Crew and the Brits are bad drivers so we could only go so long without bumping.


Kieppi was the name of the awesome flipping flat ride.


I got a kick out the the glass maze and the 3D horror walk through, also. Lots of unusual stuff that was good but not great


Oh, I completely forgot about the incredible 3D movie where a disgruntled worker takes over a funhouse. I watched it twice.

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