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My High-Quality Widescreen Coaster Wallpaper Collection

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^^ & ^^^ Seriously, guys, someone did something really nice that they didn't have to do. No need for complaining!


If you think you could do the same or better, then I would welcome you guys to contribute as well and create some awesome photos to share with everyone too.



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There was definitely post processing on every single one of them...Some more obvious than others.


If there's enough demand, I could probably go back and make them at larger resolutions. Originally I just worked on them for my own computer (which is 1440x900) and figured I'd share them. I still have all of the originals and if I get some free time, I could probably go back and re-make them at higher resolutions.


Either way, I'll keep this thread updated as new ones are produced or updated. Thanks for the comments so far.

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I really like the Kumba one--especially since the Busch parks have all introduced the whole "comic book style" for T-shirts and stuff.


Congratulations on making the front page, by the way.

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^ I guess that there is some post processing done to them.


BTW couldn't you have done them with a better size like 1920x1200, since scaling up images are far worse then scaling down.


Some of them looks really nice.


Yay WUXGA. . Nice photos

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