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PTR: Florida State Fair 2/15/2009


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I don't tend to post PTR's much these days, unless it's something new or something that hasn't been covered already.


Two weekends ago, I got to experience the Florida State Fair for the first time. It is quite an experience, with six Ferris wheels (yes, six), four credits (five if you're Big Mike), and a ton of Elvis impersonators. In addition to the coasters and Elvises, there are a ton of flat rides, some duplicates (as multiple companies provide the rides). Along with the traditional rides like the Zipper and Tilt-a-Whirl, there was also a Star Flyer, a drop tower, and a log flume.


The coasters included a Pinfari RC48 (a little bit like Megablitz at Coney Beach, and was actually relocated from Morey's Piers) painted in a Gators color scheme, a Zyklon (non looping), a standard spinning mouse, and a Wacky Worm. There was also a Dragon Wagon, but it was powered.


In addition to pictures, I also took some videos. TPRTV/CoasterTube probably still has some glitches, so keep that in mind if the videos don't load.



Pinfari RC48 POV



Zyklon POV



"Haunted Mansion" was the better of the trailer dark rides, but that's not saying much



Zipper onride


I also posted a ton of photos in my webspace at http://www.extremerct.com/Gallery/thumbnails.php?album=73


And I finish this off with Chocolate Dipt Bacon


These images do not do the panoramas justice. I have higher resolution versions of these and it's just like a Where's Wally/Waldo book. I can post them if there is interest


Starflyer and Log flume




Pan from Ferris wheel


180 degree pan from the Skyride



They must be real. The sign says so, right?


Busch Gardens is visible from the fair. Part of Gwazi, SheiKra, Montu, and Kumba are visible


Ferris Wheel shot


Gators good, Pinfari bad


The crowds really picked up during the day


This was insane. There are two women standing in the center of the sphere, and there are two motorcyclists zooming around in there too. Think of the stunt from the Simpsons movie


That's gotta hurt


The circus show


The Elvis show (there were several people competing to be the best impersonator. There are more pictures posted on my site)


A cub in the bear show,


The bear show


The Shark show


It's Bench - The Ride!


I haven't figured this one out. Are you supposed to hit Obama to win a prize?


The dunk-tank is another traditional fairground attractrion


The Starflyer, included with the all-day wristband.


One of the trailer mounted "dark" rides.


The powered Dragon Wagon duels with the Wacky Worm



Just like RCT




I guess if you soil yourself or ride the Pinfari rides one too many times




Is "Momma" a well known food critic?


The fair had a lot of different types of food.


This one, probably


I wonder if any of these are actually real


The drop tower (actually a shot tower)





Tear it down?


First credit, the spinning mouse


These crowds were nothing compared to later in the day



Hard Rock Park's new theming?


What are "club colors"?

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Even though the rides aren't the best in the world and it has a fairly disgusting combination of fried food, you just cannot get that atmosphere anywhere else. It is kind of novel and kind of fun yet kind of dirty and painful. If I had to pick between the Pinfari or the B&M's off in the distance, I would get my credits and run!

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I'm pretty sure the Deep Fried Pepsi was really just Fried Dough with Pepsi instead of liquid in the dough. Someone reported on it before...simply terrible stuff!


Thanks for the report. We were considering going, but I couldn't justify the drive for a terrible terrible credit (especially since I already have it from Morey's!!!)

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I'm pretty sure the Deep Fried Pepsi was really just Fried Dough with Pepsi instead of liquid in the dough. Someone reported on it before...simply terrible stuff!


Yeah, imagine putting some stale doughnut holes in a cup and dumping pepsi syrup on them. Bleck! I had the Fried Coke version at the Texas State Fair. The only good part of it was the whip cream

Good TR! Chocolate Dipt Bacon?? Ick!! I think that if they fried poo and dipped it in white chocolate some numskull would buy it!! Ha Ha

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Wow, I went to the South Florida Fair and it was basically the same thing. Same spinning mouse, same disgusting food, same wacky worm, and same I just relived the pain watching the POV.



There were some differences though, like no chairswing tower and not as many darkrides, and no Big Ben... although there was a drop tower. A few other rides weren't there either.


It was exciting to see Montu in the distance!

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Nice photos! I remember RC-48 when it was at Morey's at well. It was ok, but I think it makes for a much better carnival coaster. I actually think it's the largest traveling coaster in the US right now.


What were the big flatrides at the fair besides Star Flyer and Freak Out?

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Cool update. I didn't get to go this year, but I drove by it a lot going to classes. The starflyer must be new this year, I dont know how that would considering they're already scary enough when they're permanent built.


Did they have the top scan this year? I couldn't tell. That is always fun to ride at least.



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Will, I think "no club colors" refers to no open gang insignia, such as red or blue bandanas tied around an arm or a leg (that's Bloods and Crips, respectively, I believe..not sure). It could also entail motorcycle clubs as well, their colors being represented on the backs of their denim or leather jackets (Satan's Slaves, Bandidos, Warlocks, Red and White, etc.)


Deep Fried Pepsi...blech..I mean it's Pepsi, so it was bad to begin with...


If it was Deep Fried Vault, though, NOW we're talking



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Great pics . The fried "food" is stunning and I can't figure out what is "fried pepsi" ???


I've had "fried coke"


basically, it's funnel cake minus the powdered sugar, soaked in coke / pepsi with whipped cream on top served in a cup. it is different, I tell ya that

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Awesome photos!


I wish Pennsylvania had a state fair. I think the most we have is a stupid farm show or something like that. Whatever it is, it sucks.


I'm not sure, but a few years ago I do remember seeing an advertisment for a State Fair that was held on the Pa. Farm Show Complex. This was in June, so it wasn't the Farm Show.

Great TR.

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Awesome photos!


I wish Pennsylvania had a state fair. I think the most we have is a stupid farm show or something like that. Whatever it is, it sucks.


Pennsylvania does have a state fair. It's held at the Philadelphia Park Race Track in Bensalem, PA (outside of Philadelphia, obviously).

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