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Hard Rock / Freestyle Music Park Discussion Thread

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And the thing with MGM grand adventures is that MGM claims it cost 1 billion dollars to create that park! Yes...a BILLION!.....I worked for the Grand Adventures theme park in its final years......it was so sad...they shrunk the park down to half its initial size.....took out the good rides, and left s**t! The problem with that park is the same problem with all the other attractions that have developed and failed on the Las Vegas Strip! The hotels did NOTHING to advertise and promote there attractions...either 'cause they didnt know how....or they simply didnt want too.....since the attractions take the guests out of the casinos, and away from gambling.......(i.e. the Guggenheim Museum at the Venetian, or the Nile Boat ride thru the Luxor.....and the MGM grand Adventures theme park!


This is not correct. The total cost of the MGM Grand in 1993 was $1.1 billion. I am not sure how much the park itself cost, but that was included in the $1.1 billion total. I also worked at the park and it was sad how they cut the park in half.


At least HRP opened with more coasters than MGM Grand Adventures. It was trying to be more of a typical theme park, while MGM Grand Adventures was trying to copy Disneyland with a Haunted House dark ride, jungle river cruise and of course an indoor space themed roller coaster.


I remember admission to MGM GA was around $22 back in 1994 which was comparable to what it cost to go to Disneyland. The park was way overpriced for what you got. It sounds like HRP was similar in this fashion. I am so sad that I never got a change to get to HRP. Oh Well!

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^I never said I agreed with that price.....but when I worked there...thats how much the casino says the park cost......I new that was incorrect when the Bellagio became the first "multi - billion" dollar resort in the world, when it was built(1.9 billion to be exact)

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Are there any sites that have a comprehensive history of MGM Grand Adventures with pictures and / or video of the park? That's one place that I was always very interested in, yet only ever seem to find sketchy information on it, and almost no pictures.

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Probably wouldn't be too hard to change that zeppelin into Snoopy's dog house, themed to the red baron.


And that would be the hottest ride snoopy ever had! That pooch doesn't deserve it!


Strange comments.


As a Californian who has been to WoF 7 times since 1999 (and NO, that doesn't make me more knowledgeable than anyone else), and I'm quite sure that Robb has been there even more than that, I find it interesting that Shane's comments are so easily tossed aside.


I, as well as Robb I assume, find Shane's thoughts and conjecture to be quite insightful, as he does work in the industry.


I guess in Missouri, the local papers have columns dedicated to the thoughts of management from WoF that we Californians are not privy to.


Bummer dude.





PS. Robb, I do have some great suggestions about how to fix Donkey Kong. Afterall, I did play it once.


Hey! I'm originally from the midwest too, although you'll never find me saying anything quite as crazy. I see Shane's point crystal clear... the other amusement parks should be racing to get those rides at fire sale prices. Heck I know the ride would be a bit intense for Disney, but I wonder what the Imagineers could have done with it? The last time I was at WOF, I bypassed the shuttle (line was way too long) and did notice that the park needed a sit down looper. Like Shane suggested, a sit down looper such as the B&M gives a different feel to the park and is definitely different (and a higher capacity ride) than a shuttle loop. It is definitely something that is missing from the park.




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We would like to thank the hundreds of thousands of guests from across the country that came to experience Hard Rock Park during our inaugural season and for rating their experience at Hard Rock Park as comparable to the best that major theme parks have to offer. We would also like to thank the local community in Myrtle Beach for their ongoing support and loyalty.


Regretfully, Hard Rock Park has closed for the remainder of the 2008 season to allow management to focus on restructuring efforts. Following the completion of this restructuring process, Hard Rock Park intends to re-open for the 2009 season, and we invite everyone to come back next year to continue the fun.


We are pleased to announce that we have received Bankruptcy Court approval to offer our Annual and Season Pass Holders a six-month extension. In addition, anyone still holding unused tickets to the Park will be able to exchange their unused tickets for a 2009 ticket in the near future. Unfortunately, the approval of refunds is not permitted by the Bankruptcy Court at this time.


Hard Rock Park will remain focused on delivering a first class entertainment experience to all future visitors of the Park.


What does this mean for Hard Rock Park? Click here for details.

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^You have now posted this exact same thing from the VERY outdated (and probably unpaid for) website THREE TIMES.




Next time you post anything worthless like this again, you will be banned.


This is old news, the new news is that the park is gone, and will be selling off assets never to reopen again. Welcome to the conversation.

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my sister went to myrtle beach on her honymoon and she saw the sign at the park around christmas 2008. The sign said that it is going to reopen in Feb 2009.

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I really dont think this park could have opened its doors at more of a worse time. There is just no way the company can get through the growing pains of starting a business (as well as maximum rpm!) in this market. Perhaps investment firms are holding out until the park hits absolute rock bottom in price, but even still borrowing money right now is quite the task, yet alone millions of dollars of lone. Its just dissapointing to see a park like this and themed so fun as this go belly up in a matter of months. What is the park called now the Hard Rock has officially pulled the name?

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^ Not to be rude, but what else would they refer to it as? The artist formerly known as Hard Rock Park? It's still HRP, just closed for good.


I dont know, I dont know if there is liscensing issues or something like that. I just know that Hard Rock International disassociated themselves with the park, and I dont know if that means anything more than its no longer HRP.

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^New stuff, old junk

Even if it's defunct

It's still Hard Rock Park to me.


With apologies to Billy Joel . . . scratch that, I hate Billy Joel!


There's really nothing else they can call it, even if Hard Rock International objects.

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