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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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^ unless they are just messing with us?


a sign noting 2020 construction is coming to the park, with that number on it? went up today just to the left of the Boomerang entrance.


and Jeffery Siebert listed Boomerang in one of his first clues with "will it stay or will it go?"


so guess we'll find out on the 29th (just about 3 weeks!)


pic via Park President Jeffery Siebert on Facebook, with comment:


"Clue Alert: There’s something new at Boomerang!"

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Yeah JS has definitely threw red herrings out there in the past. I wonder when we’ll find out which attraction is leaving, because there have been times in the past when attractions are announced to close earlier than the new ride is announced (like power surge was announced to be closing a month before WW was announced). That could’ve been just because WW started construction sooner though because it was a coaster.

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^ Well, since Oblivion in Alton Towers was the first dive coaster of it's kind, I'd say they've been pretty popular through the years. And gotten much MUCH bigger, too! And honestly, everything's a "one trick donkey," even if it has a custom built layout etc.

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If this Six Flags bought a B&M I'd drop dead. I just don't see it.


you DO know they have 2 B&Ms already, right?


Superman & Goliath.


But one was built 20 years ago and the other was a relocation from a closed park. Additionally, Six Flags capital investments looked wayyyy different back when Superman was built.


It would be great to see some major, full-size, full-length coasters added to Six Flags Parks again. But with the way things have been for nearly a decade now, that just doesn’t seem likely.

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It's also possible with Sea World opening a GCI next year Six Flags may try to steal some thunder with something bigger then we'd expect otherwise. Definitely interested as I plan on visiting in 2020 lol.


Even a smaller Baron 1898 or Mako sized B&M dive would be a huge improvement over that boomerang. Then again a few new benches and a water fountain would too.

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I'm thinking something like "HangTime" at Knott's.. would look PERFECT in that space. (but there's that Gerstlauer question mark).


they HAVE worked a bunch with S&S tho (including the 1st Freespin installation). . hmmmm. . .maybe something like El Loco?

that *would* have a "dive" element, tho not being a "dive" coaster.

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