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  1. ^They've been saying late this month or early next month for DDD opening. Looks like they're mainly finishing up theming elements right now.
  2. ^SFFT and SFOT cannot open any earlier than June 19. That being said, SFFT's park president said they'll be announcing their opening date tomorrow morning.
  3. You can cancel online, but not until you've had the membership for at least 12 months. Edit: If you go to https://sixflags.com/membership and then click the Manage Your Account button, you'll see the link to cancel.
  4. It'd probably be a good idea not to get any more involved in Galveston than they already are, things are a bit shady out there.
  5. This seems highly unlikely. Maybe Galveston, but definitely not New Braunfels.
  6. I don't know that I would consider any of those 3 to necessarily be reputable media outlets.
  7. I wouldn't trust any information he has. Nobody's going to give information to someone if they know they're just going to run and post it on Facebook immediately, and I'm pretty sure he has a pretty awful relationship with SFOT.
  8. Just a note, I believe Panda at SFFT has been closed since at least early December, but it looks like they're doing a lot of work there, including rebuilding the entire awning above it. I think there was probably a lot of work to be done inside, as well.
  9. In the press release they said ours is the tallest and fastest Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the Thrill Capital of South Texas, will debut the tallest and fastest spinning pendulum ride in the world. Named after the world’s most iconic Super Villain, The Joker Wild Card delivers a unique brand of chaotic, dizzying fun for extreme thrill- seekers. Towering a record-breaking 17-stories tall, this impressive giant disk will reach speeds up to 80 miles per hour as it whips back and forth, and higher and higher, to give riders a spectacular view of the world below them. The Joker Wild Card will beco
  10. Everything from Rockville High to SKC will be part of DC Universe. Rockville will go from the train tracks to Hustler.
  11. It's probably getting a retheme to fit in with the new DC Universe area. Just as a follow up, the park confirmed tonight that it's getting a retheme to Crime Wave.
  12. It's probably getting a retheme to fit in with the new DC Universe area.
  13. Re: Pirates of the Deep Sea and the zoning notice: Pirates of the Deep Sea is new for 2018, but they got way behind on it. The zoning thing is a teaser for 2019, if you call the number, there's a recording.
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