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  1. why are they closing at 8 during most of the summer? and what's going on those 2 weeks in November? are they extending haunt if they aren't having Winterfest?
  2. will be open in September after WOF and probably SFSTL close?
  3. has there been any difference between Fri, Sat, or Sunday crowds?
  4. they're still selling flash passes, but is there any need for them with lighter crowds?
  5. with so many public pools closed, have they had to limit entry into HH or does the current capacity for the whole park include that?
  6. In Branson, they Kansas City is as liberal of New York City, they even think Springfield is liberal https://www.kansascity.com/news/state/missouri/article244274647.html
  7. has there been any difference in crowds between Fridays and Saturdays? since HH is included in admission, is their total capacity between the two combined?
  8. chlorine kills covid, and they don't recommend masks in water Which is why it's hilarious overkill that they're spraying down the rafts. mostly for show, temp checks might not keep out anyone asymptomatic
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