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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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Wait in 45 minute line, Spin & Puke! Gag! Spin & Puke! Sit in the "station approach" area with puke all over yourself (and the person next to you) while you wait to have restraints released! Yay!



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Wow that looks like a ton of fun. I'd certainly welcome one at Great Adventure.

Question for those who have ridden: how does it compare to a Zacspin?

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Honestly, I was OK with the idea GreatAdv (potentially) getting one until I saw that video.


I don't know, it looks like a puke machine. LOL


You guys enjoy, I'll be over on El Toro.

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Wait in 45 minute line, Spin & Puke! Gag! Spin & Puke! Sit in the "station approach" area with puke all over yourself (and the person next to you) while you wait to have restraints released! Yay!



Lol... Sounds like the flatrides at the local carnival that set up here this week!


In all seriousness though. this ride looks like a blast! Hoping these S&S zacspins catch on. They seem a lot better than the intamin versions (and a lot cheaper too, at least from what I've hear... could be way off on that one).


As a side note, does anybody know if the designers from RMC had a hand in building this coaster? I seem to remember hearing something about that a little while ago, and the track looks similar to RMC's stuff as well.

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Just came back from media day. Got 4 rides in today. Definitely way better than Green Lantern at SFMM. The restraints are really comfortable. The ride is forceful and intense but not in a painful way. Seats on the back of the train are more intense than the ones in front of the train. I got multiple spins on every ride. The ride was not nauseating. It was a very wet but fun day. The queue has a very nice holographic display of the ride vehicle.

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^^Good seeing you today


^You will want to take them off or have them strapped, almost lost mine today, something that I've never had happen. (You'll see that in the onride that'll be uploaded later) In fact I would not at all be surprised to see the park require a strap or to secure them in a pocket or with a non-rider.


Full report coming up as soon as I dry out! Crazy fun!

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...The ride was not nauseating...
This is a good thing to hear... The more and more I watch today's videos the more nauseous I get. This might sadly be one of those coasters I have to sit out. My partner and I do not do spinning or flipping very well at all, and there was a LOT of rocking back and forth on this coaster. Is it sad that I am scared to ride this coaster simply because I am afraid I will blow chunks ever where??
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Yesterday TPR attended the Media Preview for Batman: The Ride, the world's First 4-D Free Spin Coaster, and despite mother nature, a great time was had by all.


The ride sports some awesome theming in both the indoor and outdoor queue line. Lockers are provided for your loose articles and are highly suggested as you WILL lose items in your pockets (I would also strongly recommend taking off your glasses/sunglasses) You'll arrive to a short split behind the control building where you are sent left or right. But don't worry, the plan is that no more than 2 full trains of people will be beyond the split at any given time.


Speaking of loading, the process will be quick and easy. Two trains are loaded at a time and sent on their journey. Once in the air you'll have a great view of Superman or Goliath, but don't get too comfortable as once off the lift you're in for a fliptastic ride. Smooth as glass and with a fluid motion you'll flip over and over as you soar down the track. The restraints? Yeah, some of the most comfortable I've ever experienced.


Speaking of experience, how does one describe the ride experience? Well I describe it as all those times you've been to the carnival with a group of friends and stuffed yourselves as a group into the zipper, a break dance, or a rock-o-plane, and combine that with the emotions of laughter, loud outbursts, and maybe some swearing, and what you end up with is one of the most insane giggly fun times you'll have on a roller coaster. And the best part? Like all of those carnival rides, you'll never have the same ride experience twice. Riding just once won't do it, no way, no how. You'll find yourself laughing, hooting, and hollering down the exit as you make your way back to the entrance.


Bottom line is Batman: The Ride fills that missing void the park had and adds to an already stellar collection of rides. It's completely re-rideable time and time again and uses one of the best train designs I've seen in some time. Engineered to ensure you won't get sick, you'll be nice and comfortable with the soft restraints and no head bang design. Move you arms around while you ride, kick you feet a little as well and you just mind find yourself inducing a few extra spins.


Even though the day was soggy, fun was had by all. As a result of the downpours we weren't able to photograph much of the ride in action, but we are able to bring you some pretty cool nerd shots.


So sit back, relax, and enjoy your spin.



Welcome to the media preview event for Batman: The Ride at Fiesta Texas!


I don't always travel in style, but when I do, I go big.


So let's walk through the entry queue of B:TR.


They've got this cool hologram of the B:TR Ride Vehicles


And hey look, it's Batman himself!


Once you make your way past the entry building you come out on to the plaza where you find their custom made Batmobile


But first things first, a quick ride


The lift will provide you with some excellent views


But in a matter of no time you are flipping head over heals


Seriously it's a really awesome ride, totally smooth and re-rideable.


But after just two rides the rains came as did the lightning so we had a chance to look up under B:TR's skirt


Because we could


So much engineering work went into this ride vehicles


Making them super smooth


And super comfortable.


The plan is to run all five trains.


Up on top of the station track.


Hold area for train 2 waiting on the lift.


Sexy chain


I can't emphasise enough how comfy the trains and restrain system is.


And because I'm a nerd...


The bar thingy comes down to lock the seats in place while loading and unloading.




Don't you wish you were in that seat?


Ohhh ahhhh


And after waiting on the rains for more than 5 hours it was time to call it a day. I'm pretty confident this should be placed on your bucket list, best ridden with friends, but just as awesome ridden without them.


Hope you enjoyed this non-traditional media day report as we made lemonade out of weather lemons!

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