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  1. New Clues from mr.siebert. When the number 210-697-5478 is called , tunnels and 5 years in the making is mentioned. Will it stay, or will it go? Power Surge Stays! #SFFT2017
  2. if your a previous Deluxe Dining Pass member, will our passes automatically upgrade to Gold Dining Pass now? don't see any info on that. been paying monthly for my family but don't see any info regarding that. thats they way it happened last year, as long as you continued to pay it monthly and didn't cancel anything, you were upgraded automatically.
  3. actually there is construction going on right behind the power surge on top of the quarry wall. i took some pics last weekend and saw a huge cat wheel loader and a huge huge cat excavator, tearing it up back there. don't even know if that property belongs to six flags or not. but def something big happening up there. not sure how to post the pics here for others to view them!
  4. I asked an employee who works THE FRISBEE and an employee who works at the PANDEMONIUM and they both pretty much said the same things.
  5. I just got back from SFFT after an all day trip with my kids, and a couple of employees told me that the new ride was going to be fool throddle (the same as the one at SFMM, and that Pandemonium is on its way out to make room for the new coaster as well. Its all speculation but these employees seemed very convinced thats whats coming next year. If it is then I can't wait! PS. it didn't let me spell the coaster correctly so i had change the spelling up a little.
  6. na I didn't get anything. I looked around a bit to see about posting videos here, but didn't see anything about it. I didn't want to post it and cause problems here thats all. lol. I was hoping I wouldn't get a nasty response from six flags to take it down immediately etc....for spoiling the surprise of a full video of the ride. SFFT hadn't posted a video yet of the entire ride , thats why I didn't post it here. But its all good. I'm a lover not a fighter. I didn;t get my phone out fast enough to catch the ride going through the lifting process, it took quite a while for it to get to the top
  7. so i see ya grabbed the video i took of batman ride, cool! my son was asking me if they were putting the brakes while going through the raven drops. I would have posted video sooner but this place has a habit of ignoring newbies to the sight.
  8. went to SFFT today and i got some new video of BATMAN testing going on, can i post my youtube video of it here or is it against the rules?
  9. well i'm def gonna have to lose weight, and i will for sure. I'm not gonna miss this cuz of my belly.hehe. I thought the seats were going to face each other, but according to the new video it doesn't look like it. either way i'm stoked and so are my kids.
  10. this ride has so much potential, just have this feeling that someone else is going to take what were fixing to get and triple in size. This ride would be insane if they just made it a little taller and longer, as in the other option they showed for this ride. I'm excited and stoked, but they should have went with the larger model instead. Who knows, maybe they will, then it would make it a monster!!~
  11. so whats taken over Rocking at Rockville High? they said its gone forever on sept 1 2015. Surprised nothing has been said about it. If something was said I guess I missed it.
  12. I believe thats coming later on this evening at the announcement event there.
  13. showed my kids this morning before school and they loved it, can't wait. Just wish it was a little longer track/ride time. we have a quite a few rides that are rather short. Either way, we will be there every day during the summer of 2015.
  14. hmm, guess its not going under the bridge then? maybe the line to get in the ride will pass under the bridge
  15. that be cool if there is already some coaster track hauled in to SFFT, sitting there so someone could grab some pics of it
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