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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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So just out of curiosity, I need some help from all of you that are familiar with Fiesta Texas!

I am moving to Ohio from California(There are a few reasons there, but mainly family) and we are going out of the way to San Antonio just so we can do Iron Rattler.

We will be there on Monday June 3rd. How should we come at this park? I was considering getting the Gold Pass as well since we will be able to enter early and get ahead in the line for Rattler. Thoughts?

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!


Thanks guys!

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My recommendation is get there early because there will be lines for ticket sales and then lines to actually get into the park. If you have all of your tickets printed out, bypass the first set of booths and get in the lines to go through security to get in.


I'd say head to Iron Rattler first and ride that first since it's the newest in the park, it'll most likely be the one everyone heads to first. Then back track and do Road Runner Express since it really never has a wait. Then head back towards the front of the park and do Goliath and Boomerang. If you're a credit count whore, don't forget Kiddee Coaster in Spassburg. Then do Superman Krypton Coaster. After SKC, head over to The Boardwalk to do Pandemonium if you're into spinning coasters. After that make your way to RockVille for Scream and Poltergiest. That's how I've done it pre-iron Rattler and it always worked for my family. If say if you're doing this on a Monday, you could have it knocked out in about 4-5 hours of it's just coasters. Bugs White Water Rapids is a log flume and is usually more popular than Power Surge which is a Shoot the Chutes water ride.


You could also just start at the entrance and do Goliath, Boomerang, and work your way counter clockwise to RoadRunner Express, Iron Rattler, SKC, Pandemonium, and the Poltergiest. Of course there's Sky Screamer, Bugs White Water Rapids, Power Surge and Scream along the way and several different good flat rides as well.


And as far as when I mention "get there early"....... If the park opens at 10, get there at 9 cause there's usually lines to get into the parking lot as well. Some if the Texas schools and I believe Northside ISD in San Antonio don't finish school until June 7th so there may still be a lot of school trips.


Hope this helps and have fun.

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I usually start with goliath, then boomerang, but it's a really popular ride so it might be a wait. then road runner express, it normally has a small wait, but on holidays ( Labor day, memorial day, etc.) It can be crowded. next ride Iron Rattler as many times possible! ( it's worth the wait) next Gully washer, It's a rafting ride that's really fun! Then ride Sky Screamer! Next to it is Superman: Krypton coaster, and kidsopolous ( I probably didn't spell that right) so if you have a young one you can take them there and then ride superman. Then ride Twister. ( a Huss top spin) Then go to Power surge. Then Scream, then do what ever in the boardwalk. Go back and ride Poltergeist. And keep going, over to bugs white water rapids. Then you've seen everything in the park! So do whatever you want from there!


Hope this helps!

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Apparently the Tail just flew off one of the trains on IRAT according to Screamscape Twitter...


Oh look, its Top Thrill Dragster all over again!


One of the trains tail had fallen off before on the day of the commercial shoot and they got it back together. So there is nothing to worry.

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I was there standing in line when it came off (it was my friend and I who took the pics for Screamscape) and yes, it was the entire rattle which fell off. They closed the ride down and I was worried it would be down the entire day due to the rattle flying off mid-ride, but it reopened about an hour later with the rattle removed from both trains. They ran it that way the rest of the day.



By the way, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD iRat is amazing. Better than Bizarro, better than NTAg, better than El Toro.... I have a new number one.

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