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Worlds of Fun (WOF) Discussion Thread

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^^Honestly, I barely even picked up on the theming at Worlds of Fun, though I do recall vague bits and pieces. I just think of it as a particularly scenic iron ride park. It really does have a pleasing atmosphere, though, especially at night.

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Hey all! I'm flying down this evening for a weekend in Kansas City/St. Louis for Worlds of Fun and Six Flags St. Louis. I just want to confirm that the park is closed today (Friday)? And any suggestions or "hidden gems" that shouldn't be missed that locals could advise of would be greatly appreciated. We're spending tomorrow at Worlds of Fun (after doing Schlitterbahn in the morning). Thanks!


-Canadian Nick

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Today I was invited to represent TPR at the unveil of Ocean's of Fun water park expansion and renovation for the 2013 season.


This year Worlds of Fun turns 40 and with that a new logo was unveiled. The expansion will include a new 65 foot high, 6 slide complex. The complex will feature three of the widely popular and new to the region Aqua Launch, a Constrictor, 2 other slides, a new front gate, a completely renovated water park, enhanced food items, new cabana's and more.


Also new for 2013 the water park will be included in the price of admission.


Season passes for next year are on sale now for 89.99, includes parking, and is available on easy pay.


KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Mo, the region’s premier entertainment destination,

celebrates its 40th anniversary by announcing the largest expansion of Oceans of Fun in the park’s history.

The extensive project will be highlighted by the combination of both parks into a single admission ticket and the

addition of six new slides.


Worlds of Fun will offer more value than ever in 2013 by combining both Worlds of Fun and Oceans of

Fun to a one ticket admission. With both parks for the price of one in 2013, every guest will have access to

235-acres of rides, shows, and attractions, complete with a massive water park expansion.


The six new slides, which nearly double the park’s slide capacity, will be housed on a 65-foot-tall

complex overlooking Surf City Wave Pool. At the peak stands three flat line loop slides, where guests climb

into the Aqua-Launch, a chamber with a floor that suddenly drops out, sending riders on a high-speed near

vertical drop and a series of loops and s-curves in a translucent flume. Known as a “constrictor”, the fourth

slide features double tubes spiraling down an enclosed slide with four 360-degree tight turns. Two other

enclosed tube slides feature high speed drops and banks.


Other new additions at Oceans of Fun include renovated slide complexes and pool areas, new retail

locations, and guest amenities such as new cabanas and more lounge chairs. Construction at Oceans of Fun

will begin this fall and will be documented on the park’s social media channels and official blog. Guests who

want to be among the first to experience the new Oceans of Fun can purchase a Gold Season pass at the best

price through October 28 at worldsoffun.com, at the park during operating hours, or by phone at 816-454-4545.

August 2012


"Our 40th anniversary season will be Worlds of Fun’s biggest yet," states Frank Wilburn, Vice President

and General Manager at Worlds of Fun. “We look forward to expanding and improving what is already a worldclass

amusement park and waterpark."


In addition to nearly twice the slide capacity at Oceans of Fun, the parks will release additional

improvements and events throughout the coming months to celebrate the park’s 40th anniversary. Visit

worldsoffun.com for up to date information regarding these announcements.



KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Mo, the region's premier entertainment destination,

kicks off its 40th anniversary celebration with 2013 Season Pass sales this Labor Day weekend. Guests

purchasing Season Passes Labor Day weekend through October 28, 2012, will receive the lowest possible

price on 2013 Gold Passes and will receive a complimentary admission ticket for any remaining 2012 operating



Through Sunday, October 28, 2012, a 2013 Gold Pass, including admission to Worlds of Fun and

Oceans of Fun, plus free parking and a huge list of benefits all season long, is just $89.99, or 6 easy payments

of $14.99 plus tax. Not only do guests ride, slide, and park for free all summer long, the Gold Pass includes

admission to the Midwest’s largest Halloween event, Halloween Haunt.


In celebration of the park’s 40th anniversary, in 2013 Gold Pass holders will enjoy a huge new Oceans

of Fun expansion highlighted by six new slides. In addition to nearly twice the slide capacity at Oceans of Fun,

the parks will release additional details on improvements and amenities throughout the coming months.

Guests wishing to purchase 2013 Gold Passes at the lowest price may choose from a variety of

ordering options. Purchase in person at the park, online at worldsoffun.com, or by phone at 816-454-4545.

Prices are valid Saturday, September 1, through Sunday, October 28, 2012, and Junior / Senior options are

also available.


"Our season passes feature two parks for the price of one, and combined with our installment program

create an unbeatable value," states Frank Wilburn, Vice President and General Manager at Worlds of Fun.

“We are excited to share the new Oceans of Fun slides, improvements, and a few surprises with our pass



Worlds of Fun is owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, a publicly traded

partnership that is listed for trading on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “FUN.” In addition to

Worlds of Fun, Cedar Fair owns and operates ten other amusement parks, six water parks, one indoor water

park resort, and five hotels. Cedar Fair also operates the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park in Gilroy, Calif.

under a management contract.



New OOF Entrance.


Worlds of Fun 40th Anniversary Logo!


New Slide Complex features the 3 Aqua Launche's, a Constrictor slide, and 2 standard slides. The slide complex will be placed near the wave pool.


The event was moved indoors due to hurricane Isaac's aftermath.


These people are more important than I am, they have bigger toys.


Frank is excited to announce the expansion, logo, and new pricing.


New Pricing and Logo are unveiled


Hollie shows off the new water park expansion!


"Come slide next year"




All six will feature translucent slides.


Aqua Launch.

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They haven't set a price for next year, and while the price might change it will still be affordable. Season passes(gold) for 2013 are on sale and now include free parking for $90 which compared to Schlitterbahn KC at over $100, its a great deal.


^ Like I mentioned in the photo caption, it is going next to the wave pool. Nothing was mentioned about removing any slides.

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Interesting...Kings Island celebrates its 40th with a new wave pool and rebranding of Boomerang Bay to Soak City and for WoF's 40th they get a new waterslide complex and OoF being combined with the theme park. Seems quite coincidental.


It makes sense anyway. Do/did they still share Monsoon, the chutes ride, between both parks?

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^Yes, they do.


Personal opinion: I'm not super excited by this announcement, mostly because I'm not big into water parks and haven't been to Ocean's of Fun in years. Having said that, it was about time OOF got a new attraction, especially to keep pace with Schlitterbahn. Hopefully WOF gets some love next season.

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I was pleasantly surprised by haunt last night. I went there with a couple friends, and ended up going through only 4 of the houses. Those included Cornstalkers, Lore of the Vampire, Master McCarthy's Doll Factory, and Zombie High. I loved each and every one of them. Something separated each of them apart. Plus they had magnificent attention to details.


Zombie High ended up being my #1. It had an intense, pulsing and loud atmosphere that added a fantastic "creep" effect. Also, corner after corner would be a new room- like a classroom, a nurses office, and the cafeteria. Overall it was a wonderful addition to haunt.


Cornstalkers and Lore of the Vampire were tied for second. Cornstalkers was longer and claustrophobic in some spots, whereas Lore was more classic, old school scares. Lore was actually closely resembled to the downtown KC haunted house Edge of Hell. But what made it so scary was this somewhat cheep scare I guess you could say, located in the Club Blood section that gave me a mini-heart attack. I'm not gonna spoil it, haha.


I'm heading back this Friday to go through more houses. Saturday was beyond busy, and exceptional for the park.

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And here we go. Back on Sept 22 (Sorry, I'm lame and late but I've also been on a two week journey of epicness) I was able to attend a VIP Haunt event at WoF. Good food and good drinks were provided.


This year the park opened their newest Haunt, Zombie High, an 80's themed 'Saved by the Bell' type Haunt with a creepy twist. I'll have descriptions of the haunts I hit up in the foto's below. The park itself looked nice in it's haunt outfit and was quickly filling with people as the overflow lot was being utilized. Inside thousands of people gathered for the parade some 2 hours early. Wait times for haunts hit 2 hours during the peak times but cold weather swooped in around midnight which drove the crowds away. By the end of the night Haunt waits were less than 30 minutes.


Last year the park was using any space they could find to park cars. Asked about why they didn't use Ocean's parking and it was because they were parking employees there. This year however that has changed. Saturday's ONLY you can park and enter via Oceans of Fun. With the added parking the park should easily fill to capacity and when that happens I highly recommend getting Fright Lane. It's $25 on Friday and $30 on Saturday. This does NOT give you FOL access to the rides, only 6 of the 7 haunts. Vampire does not have FOL abilities.


Despite the lines for the haunts, using my Fright Lane pass I was able to complete 6 of the haunts in 90 minutes, skipping Vampire, I hate lines. So, after I was done, everyone else was waiting in Haunt Lines and I was able to Marathon PROWLER! and Patriot. Yay.


Oh, and before the foto, I should mention that the park may announce this month more of next years planned attractions so keep an eye out for any markers or clues


Mr. Spider is creeping people out of Patriot


This park seems to have a problem with drunks


An awesome kids area is open during the day for some not so scary fun


The peddle cars are cool. I want one


Interesting, but did not see.


Now Mr. Spider is attacking Boomerang! Bad Mr. Spider, bad


Doll factory is, um dolled up? The cutest scaractors in the park, I never really have much liked this one. Walk in the front of the 'store' through the inventory room, and on to the messed up factory. Compared to the other haunts, this one no longer measures up in my book. The cut up barbie dolls do nothing for me. But then again, I'm there for the girls, and well, even creepy looking I might would date a few of them, afterall, I seem to migrate towards the crazy ones.


Ok, food time.


With creative naming.


Om nom nom nom


Pretty awesome actually. I think I sipped on 4 rum and coke's, erm, Pepsi (Is Coke in the park's future? One can hope!)


Let's see, where to go, where to go


The parks was incredibly packed today, last time I trust Brandon "It' won't be that busy in September" Stanley ;)


But before the overload pops out, I'll give some love to a few rides that normally don't get any.


Because at some point, we all need to get some...recognition that is.


Ooo Ooo it's parade time!


The overload has called the creepes out and summons the goons


And here they come


The nurse is very naughty, just an FYI, she carries a whip...she used it on me.



New for this year are banners distinguishing the various haunts and fright zones


It also gives you a good chance to see the incredible makeup


Go back to London, you you you, just go back to London. Creep.


My new girlfriend from London. I was told since she win the slums I could have her


Ok, on to the Fright Zones


Honestly because Planet Snoopy was still going...


And Timber Wolf dumps in to Carnevil, the lights took away from some of the scarey. But still well put together


Ok, let's get to the haunts!


Oh my, maybe not. Pro Tip: After the parade, go to your left ;)


Fright Zone near Africa


Line for Zombie High, stretched from the PROWLER! Queue all the way back to the shooting game at the entrance to Africa.




Over at Asylum the nurse was whipping me. Still in my opinion the best haunt there, Zombie High for me is #2. Asylum takes you through, well, a creepy asylum, think NY Slum ghetto low went government housing then add on a defunct vacation mental hospital that the staff up and left the patients to fend for themselves. It's pretty awesome


Cornstalkers has its normal great scares...those guys blend in well!


Zombie high was a nice addition. Think 80's saved by the bell. You walk into a run down office, head to the principal's office and out into the hallway that leads you through various classrooms, a prom gone bad in the gym, and a locker rooms that's utterly disgusting. For only the 4th night in operation, they were doing a helluva job.




The fog looks amazing at night with the moon in the background.


Down there is London Terror. Walk through the creepy streets of london encountering various bums and creeps. The most interactive of all of the haunts.


Bloodshed received a few changes


gone is the hanging meat, something I welcome. You still enter and pretend you are there for pig, but end up able to buy arms, legs, heads, and other items if you so choose. Don't have it, they will cut it up for you, of course, you will have to sacrifice yourself, but hey, at least they are customer friendly.


Meanwhile over at Carnevil the clowns were out spooking people.


Even Thunderhawk was acting all spooky


So there you have it, a very packed night. Each Saturday from now until the end of October you can park and enter via Oceans of Fun in the evening. Trust me, every available parking space the park has and then some will be taken on Saturday Nights so get there early. It's one of, if not the top Haunt in the chain and the packed park proves it. Also this year the fright lane passes have improved pricing. $30 for Saturday and $25 for Friday.


So get out and enjoy a frightful night before the season ends! You won't be disappointed!

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Well I guess since the cat's out of the bag...be on the look out for a Dinosaur sighting at the park, perhaps before the end of the season.


Oh, and got this in the mail if anyone doesn't have a season pass and plans to go


Special One Day Ticket Sale!


One Day Sale!


This Wednesday, October 17, ONLY, purchase 4 Worlds of Fun tickets for just $109.99! Tickets are valid on 10/19, 10/21, 10/25, 10/26, and 10/28. Not valid on Saturdays, 10/20 or 10/27, 2012. CLICK HERE for more information and to purchase!



Visit Halloween Haunt or Howl-O-Fest for FREE with a 2013 Season Pass


Purchase your 2013 Gold Pass now, at the best price of the season, and receive one free park admission for any remaining operating day in 2012! Those with 2012 Season Passes can bring-a-friend, and new passholders can experience all Halloween has to offer without waiting until next fall! Hurry, this offer ends and prices rise when the park closes for 2012.



Thursday, October 25


As a reminder, the park is open on Thursday, October 25 from 6 - 11 pm for Halloween Haunt. We will be using our Friday night ride schedule. Certain rides and attractions are closed, including all of Planet Snoopy. To view the list of rides open, please visit our Haunt site!

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I went to Worlds of Fun this last Saturday and the nice weather and Halloween season made the park INSANELY BUSY. WOF actually ran out of parking, all the lots as well as the Ocean's of fun lots filled up. For those of you that know WOF's layout, you know there is a big field between the Patriot and the access road to enter the park. The KC police brought in temporary lights and were parking people out in that field! It was NUTZ!


Obviously with the huge crowds there were huge lines. We didn't even attempt a haunted house as we heard the lines were upwards of 3 hours. Sadly, we only did the 3 majors, Prowler, Patriot and Mamba once and that was enough for us, there were just to many people. The lines for all the coasters except the Mamba extended well beyond the queues. On that note, however, I have to give major kudos to the Mamba ride crew. Even though the line was 100% full, they were running 3 trains and dispatching them at a very quick rate. The line only took 30 minutes, so that was awesome.


Congrats to Worlds of Fun, though. They had to have made some serious bank that night. Next year I will have to hope for crappy weather to keep the crowds at bay since the Halloween Haunt seems to have grown exponentially over the last couple of years.

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I was at the park with some friends Saturday night. Yes, it was insane, and I didn't get to do a whole lot. From what I heard, the park broke an all-time attendance record. Not sure what the total was, but it must have been over 25,000. Prowler's midway was just crazy with Zombie High right next to it. Next year I'm doing Haunt in September.


Oh and if anyone wants to see some pictures of the crazyness, Midwest Info Guide was at the park and has a trip report on the Halloween event: http://midwestinfoguide.com/migcrew/2012/haunt/

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Tomorrow (Thursday Oct 25) Worlds of Fun will open at 6pm. If you want a shot at being on next year's Travel Channel Halloween special, head straight to Mamba where they will select riders to be featured!! The park will be busy, so get there early!


Good Luck, and Good Haunting.



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