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The Bryan and Adam Show Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

You have arrived at the Universal and Downtown Disney TR for 11/25. ALL of these photos were generously provided by Adam. Please direct all hate mail to him.


I won't be able to fulfill and demands for a while, but I am still accepting them!


2 seconds after this photo was taken, Adam died of diabetic shock, and he wasn't diabetic. The end.


I had to go to Goofy's Candy Co to get some stuff for family and friends, and Adam decided to make this monstrosity.


The camera adds 10 pounds. And 3 feet.


I can has force?


Over at Pleasure Island, we put on huge fake smiles upon seeing the Jews represented.


He told me to gently caress his legs. So I did.


Uh, Mr. Banner, I think your fly is unzipped.


I call this "Roth Crossing Into Mexico"


Hi Cameron. No, that's not sweat, we went on Jurassic Park.






Move over. Harry, there's a new boy in town, and his name is Dryer.


I call this "Roth Crossing the Delaware"


Stupid Mythos refusing to serve us because we're Jewish. Adam says it's because they closed at 4:00, but I know their tricks.


The Lorax dons his gay apparel. I said that.


If you're playing along at home, this is when you get annoyed with me.


Adam got...intense with the tree.


Seuss Landing is damn charming around Christmas.


Over at the Hard Rock Cafe they had a really big guitar hero controller without any buttons. What gives?


I just blue myself.


Do you really need me to come up with a caption for this one?


Adam ran into a TPR friend. I forgot his name. Internet, huh?!


This is the part when Jack tried to give Adam a back rub. He wouldn't budge.


Officer Woodpecker spots us. Run. Like. Hell.


We went to go see T23D, but were stopped by this police blockade.


I forgot that this place existed. Nice to see you again, old chap!


Let's start this off with a bang and show construction of the future whopper bar thing. Yep.

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Hey guys, I wasn't planning on doing an update today, but I simply needed to. Adam and I went to Sea World to grab some construction pictures. Enjoy. Many pictures provided by Adam.


This is the last known photo of Adam Roth alive. We'll miss you, bud. Thanks for reading.


Oh my god. It's happening again.


This is just too easy.


Do you see the pure joy on his face?


And so it begins.


His idea? A cupcake. Now, I present to you: Adam v. Cupcake.


Uh oh. That look means Adam has an idea.


I wonder whose arm that is on the bottom right.


Here's Adam sneaking into my headshot.


I like this picture because it looks like I photoshopped the guitarist in.


Adam broke rule #1 and 2 of living: never make eye contact with or take a picture of the homeless.


Push! Push!

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  • 1 month later...


The Bryan and Adam Show is back! Here's a little video I put together. Make sure you watch it. [coastertube]http://themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=15[/coastertube]

I am proud to announce The Bryan and Adam Show: The Game! You can see clips of it in the new video.


Also, I am still taking demands. Don't know what a demand is? Well, you tell me to do something, and then I do it. Also: read the thread.


Photo time. Some photos provided by Adam.


And we split the wings. What a boring end to this TR. Thanks for reading!


And I got cream broolay.


Adam got a slushie.


Then we went to Kona for some post-dinner dinner.


So is this.


This is too easy.


"Take a picture of my shirt while I cup my breasts!"


Adam takes his responsibility very seriously on Mission: Space.


No, Adam. That's not Horizons.


Then we went over to Japan for some foods. I got the Geisha platter. Adam got the Internment Camp Combo.


Then you throw out your cell phone thing in here.


They made me go and say that "danger is my cup of tea" to a poor cast member and they gave me a bag of tea. Oh also, Adam's doing something in this.


Hey lookathat! SSE played into the plot of one of the missions. The bad guy was Scottish and wanted to hit the giant golf ball. Not making this up.




This is how you pose with something, right?


Your Kimmunicator. For now on they will be referred to as the cell phone they give you.


You go and get your Kimmunicator at one of these old fashioned wagons with touchscreens.


After that debacle, it was time to go play with our friend Kim.




Surprisingly enough, this was the end of the same sentence.


After that we figured we'd take a picture of Adam mid-sentence.


This was fun. They said they email you with the game, so The Bryan and Adam Show: The Game will be coming out soon!


2/3 of Bryan makes me 1/3 of sad.


Bryan and Adam show in flight.


Screw Kim Possible, this is awesome!


Then you go to play your game.


You can see me reaching to push him in this frame.


Adam got way into it.


Like a real game, there's dancing at the end.


Here's a snippet of our running animation. The guy working this attraction was proud of us.


Adam demonstrates how to do the obligatory "thumbs up while running in place" motion. Note: not an actual motion.


Like having a mirror over your bed, you play a video game in this where you are the character in it.


Hey look! New thing!


I tried this but it couldn't answer my questions about this burning sensation I've been having recently.


Then you get one of these things while the cast member still judges you. We had some extra time until we had to be there, so we went around Innoventions for a little.


You sign up at these things while a cast member judges you silently.


In honor of Guy we did the new Kim Possible thing.


This one.

Edited by jedimaster1227
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^This is probably my favorite episode of our "adventures" so far! I'm really looking forward to the game premiering--you all will really love my dancing walk!


We're hoping the game will be ready soon; interactivity is a facet here at the Bryan and Adam Show! Like Bryan stated earlier, we are taking demands for Bryan to do whatever you want (provided I'm not harmed in the process), so feel free to share your requests.


Thanks again Bryan for the great update! Now I'm going to go watch that video once more!

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Another hilarious update guys! The Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure is my new favorite thing - I played it in 5 of the countries (Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, and UK) this past week. If you haven't already, I'd suggest trying it in Germany next time. I had the most fun with that one! The only other one besides the UK where you had to ask a CM for something was in China.

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Oh ok Bryan that's fine. I say on Sunday that I want to go to the Polynesian and you're all like "wawawawawawawawa" and now here's an update where you're eating at the Polynesian. That's fine, I see how it is.


I like the shirt you picked out in that update by the way.

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Thanks for the TRs! It took me hours to get through all nine pages! You had my son and I cracking up!! Great pics. Yes, I said it.. Geek shots rock! So do the pics of the parking sections! I do that too! Have to act like an elephant and never forget!


Keep up the great work... Now, I must think of a demand....



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Thanks for doing Kim for me... ...er... ...doing the Kim Possible thingy! So what is your reward for accomplishing your mission? If you tell me you get to do Kim, then it is officially over between us. I refuse to allow my girlfriend to whore herself around Epcot randomly banging just anybody who can accomplish these "difficult" missions? Tell me it's only a handshake and a pat on the back. Mabey a photo op, or just a peck on the cheek. Tell me you didn't do my girlfriend Adam! Tell me damnit! Oh! I see how it is! And don't give me that bros before hos crap! You and Bryan had better not have Chinese fingercuffed her! Cause if you have! There will be hell to pay when I get my hands on you two! No more of this "it's all about Bryan" & "newly gay Adam" crap! It will just be the "Guy rips Orlando teens a new a$$h0l@ show!" So help me God!


And Kimmy, if your reading, don't think your off the hook either! I warned you about this. I told you to beware of horny teenagers playing the game just to get close to you. I was a teen once and I know what occupied my mind 99.9% of the time. F~(king hot chicks like you, that's what! Don't fall for the, "Hey Kim, can we get a picture with you? Can I put my arm around you like we are friends? Oops! Sorry! I didn't mean to grab your boob. He He!" as he high 5s his friends. I told you this was a bad idea. People think just because they see you on TV that they know you. They think they own a piece of you. I think it would be in your best interest to let some cast member dress up as you, and you leave seedy issues with the whole groping thing up to them. I'm sure they have cast member psychologists at human resources standing by just for this reason alone. Hell, they probably have one alone just for the poor saps that play Chip and Dale while Elissa is in town. Cause you know she's probably inflicted years of mental damage from sexual abuse on those two rodents. What I'm trying to say Kimmy is, come home. Just leave that Orlando brothel some like to call "The Happiest Place on Earth." and come home. I miss you.


But if you fingercuffed Bryan and Adam, then it's paint thinner for you!


Guy "There is no grey area with me. It's all black and white." Koepp

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^As you said, it was "all about Bryan!" I did not touch her, as I knew you were attached, but Bryan on the other hand... Well... Watch the video starting at 1:31 for some news that may not be too comforting.


Just remember that it was all about him and not about Adam. I've done nothing here except be honest with you!



In regards to the actual adventures, there isn't any specific award for completing the challenges (except completing the challenges). Basically, you complete the activities and drop off the phone in a drop box. Game finished. The original test from two years ago featured a finale in the former Imageworks upstairs at the Journey into Imagination pavilion. This finale featured a mock-shield generator type device which, through the use of patented "air blaster" guns, you would destroy to stop Drakken. That was the reward--being able to go and stop Drakken.

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And according to the phone call I just had with her. She was unconcious too!


I thought you were my friend?!


You are a very bad man Bryan! And you will pay! First it was Shaggy and Scooby doing unthinkable things to my beloved Daphne! Now this?! Your days are numbered evil one, and your little gay friend too! When you least expect it!




Guy "Hell hath no fury as a man whos chick has been teabagged by some rampant teenager and his friend Adam!" Koepp

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and your little gay friend too!

Hey now! Adam has gone on record to have banged 100 girls (Kim not being one of them) so I kindly ask that you retract that last statement.




So should he now now be known as previously gay, newly straight and strappingly virile Adam?


Guy "Yo Gabba Gabba" Koepp

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