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The Bryan and Adam Show Thread

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^Did someone say Dole Whip update?!?! I know know just the person to not invite for that!


I demand an update based solely on Dole Whip. It should include both the Polynesian as well as the Magic Kingdom and should include comparisons between the products served at both. Now that's my kind of update!

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Remember folks, post pictures of you enjoying delicious, refreshing Coca-Cola Classic. The Bryan and Adam Show might even send something your way.


Funny you mention this...Here's our crewmate Brooke at ConNooga enjoying the the delightfully refreshing taste of a cold Coca Cola. Yes, Coca Cola, it's Steampunk approved!


Enjoy guys and keep up the great work, ay?


Set off for boundless adventure in lands unknown with refreshing, satisfying, ice cold Coca Cola.

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Let me contribute to the demands here...


I demand that you either put the title of the show back to the Bryan and Adam Show, or you can choose from the following options:


1. Title it the Adam and Bryan Show

2. Title it the Bryan-less Adam Show

3. Title it the Bryan meets Cokesuber Show

4. Title it the Cokesuber Show

5. Title it the Bryan-should-have-tried-out-for-American-Idol-but-decided-to-waste-his-time-changing-the-show's-name and the artist formerly known as Adam, now Cokesuber Show.

6. Audition for American Idol and fix the title of the thread... I have fifty percent creative share in this show, so I would hope my demand will be fulfilled quickly...

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Hey, the only reason I ever go into this thread is because I misread the title and think it is about Bryan Adams, the great god of canadian soft rock.


I'm gonna runto you

Because when the feelings right

I'm gonna runall night

I'm gonna run to you


Pure genius...

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On hindsight, that tasted horrible, and I really wish that its almost illegal to not drink Pepsi products in Huntington. Its like a jail here, really it is


And I'm actually serious about that one. Coke is impossible to find, and if you can locate some, the price is jacked up compared to Pepsi. I rue everyday I'm forced to be in this town, and can't wait to get back home for some REAL refreshment in the form of a crisp Coca Cola.


Besides, I just did that to taunt you...

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Ladies and gentlemen, The Bryan and Adam Show is upfront with its fan(s). For this reason, we would like to present something we're working on that is still in its early planning stages. We are proud to announce The Bryan and Adam Show Live.


The Bryan and Adam Show Live will not be taking the place of The Bryan and Adam Show, as there will still be traditional updates. Think of it like a trip report live (and yes, there will be photos, videos, even mp3s). The Live Show will be democratic: anyone that hangs out with us at the parks will be able to update too. We're really excited about this and we hope you will be too.


If you would, please answer some questions for us in addition to answering the poll.

-The Bryan and Adam Show Live would be hosted on a different site (through Tumblr and not another coaster site). Does this impact your likeliness to visit/watch?

-How far in advanced would you like to be notified of the show? We really don't plan our visits far in advanced, but we're willing to notify you about a week before.

-If you were watching, how often would you be expecting an update?


Thanks for answering. Remember that this is not a guarantee this is even happening. We hope you're as excited for this as we are.

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