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The Bryan and Adam Show Thread

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I'll be going to a bunch of parks for the whole day tomorrow and would like some demands, people! Get on it!


I need pictures of Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Perhaps one with you flying would make the next Park Index update......


Oh and Aladdin's Flying Carpets! Let's make Bryan spin!

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Wear a luche libre mask on the Mexican Boat Ride holding a sign that says "Viva la Rasa"! Screaming the slogam is optional since that will not show in a picture.


Better yet, wear a shirt which reads "registered sex offender" through Fantasy Land.
















Please don't actually do this. Just thinking about it is hilarious enough.

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If you're going to Animal Kingdom, please:


1. Set up a Web cam looking into the tiger enclosure; and

2. Run around inside said enclosure naked, save for a t-bone steak strapped to your waist.


It would be a precious moment of entertainment, indeed.


Note: Theme Park Review in no way approves of animal harrassment for fun and profit. Well, maybe not for profit.

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Sorry folks, no trip report/demands fulfilled today. I was fully ready for some, but I didn't realize Andrew hadn't been to Epcot in a while, so we went there for a while, then to the Studios. We also stopped by Sea World for a bit. So, a demandless few parks. I apologize to all my loyal fans.


Note: Yes, there is a demand for Sea World (Take a picture of you kissing the glass near an electric eel at sea world, giving the illusion of you kissing it.) but what I have seen, it is against park rules to touch the eel egg thing at Kraken. Anyone know where I can fulfill this honorable demand by The Ghost?

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Sorry folks, no trip report/demands fulfilled today. I was fully ready for some, but I didn't realize Andrew hadn't been to Epcot in a while, so we went there for a while, then to the Studios. We also stopped by Sea World for a bit.


Oh ok, blame it on me then! You're a disappointment to your fans, don't make excuses!!

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Well, my suggestion doesn't seem as strange, I mean, as awesome as the others.


Here's one...


Eat a Dole Whip really fast and then take a picture when the brain freeze hits.


Barry, he asked for demands, not suggestions.


I demand to see my demand fulfilled. Now. I demand it.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the last day of Cypress Gardens Adventure Park.


Bye bye!


Imposter Tim Allen!


And boy did we fight fire.


Then we went on the firefighter kiddie ride.


Starliner's seat belts are shorter than an Intamin's.


Read the last sentence.


You can stop reading now, it's not going to get better than that. Oh yeah, this is the line for the Starliner.


Why of course, it's the kinky scarecrow!


Not you, really bad Elvis impersonator.


Just 2 more pictures to the absolute highlight of the update.


Does that pumpkin have a cameltoe?


Well, that's enough of that.


With his faithful sidekick, Mario Batali.


With our handsome host, Doug Benson.


Well, this seems like a great idea.


And this is why I don't ride these.


THERE we go!


He's a master at this.


Next up was the Power Circf.


Neil has mastered the art of posing for candid photos. Next to him is Tori.


I can't think of a caption to make this picture any better.


Also, Neil.


Oh yeah, Kim was there. The Fiesta Express was her 250th credit.


So lonely.


Yeah, doesn't look like it'll be opening today. Or ever.


Hold it.


Ooh, the island in the sky is open!


I couldn't find the Thunderboldt on the map.


All of the automated teller machines were out of order.


Banana George is going on unemployment.

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Wow, Bryan, that was quick! I just got home a half hour ago!


I had a great time today. It was mostly hanging out with the three of you that made it fun, though.


Cypress Gardens was OK. I would have been really disappointed if I had paid $40 to get in, but it was worth $10.


The lady operating the Fire Truck ride was the best ever. When asked if adults could ride, she said "What are they gonna do, fire me?" And Neil and I broke the ride. It didn't lift all the way up until the very end and then fell all the way to the bottom.


Fiesta Express was my 250th. I rock!

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