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Who will break 500 feet?

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Cedar Point. They need to get back there tallest coaster title. I think it will be a Pinfari Zyklon Coaster that will break the record! I'm just kidding. It will probaly be Intamin again because it seems there the best when it comes to tall coasters. I'm not talking about Kingda Ka though.

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I think it will be S&S, as they have the rights to Arrow's fish-hook concept, which if mounted to the side of a building, can be over 1,000' tall. It's too bad Vegas didn't go through with the Stratosphere fish hook.


I doubt another park would go for a record breaking Intamin rocket with the way they've been going.


My hopes would be Intamin builds a 500' + Millennium Force style ride...

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The trouble with most coasters that go for records is that they can be "one-trick ponies." Not always, of course, but as has been said already, bigger is not necessarily better.


Just to answer the question of the topic, chances are it will be Intamin with a rocket coaster. They're only 44 feet from that mark with Kingda Ka, and I think they'll tweak their hydraulic launch system just enough to do it.


Speed? 120 mph got them to 420 feet on Top Thrill Dragster. 128 mph got them up to 456 feet on Kingda Ka. My guess is that they'll get the speed up to about about 140 mph to get them over the 500-foot mark.



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if they ever make a 500 foot roller coaster i dont think it should be just a launch and a top hat (or even an extra hill *cough KingdaKa cough*) i think it should be multiple hills with plenty of airtime and maybe and inversion or two.


about the question i think it will be Cedar Point. They always break the height and speed records. It might be kind of wierd to have another coaster towering out of the horizon beside Top Thrill.

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I hope it's some little park in the middle of nowhere that does it! I always could kind of picture Wild Adventures with like a 750foot tall Vekoma ride!


Elissa "we shall see" Alvey




prepare for seziures

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