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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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Well crap... freeze warning from 1am-10am on Sunday morning and I'm going to the park on Saturday. I hope none of the coasters close from the cold.


It'll be 52 during the day don't worry about it dude. B&M's will close when it's like...40* or lower though. I think it's 40*.

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Just checked into our hotel near the park. We were planning on going into the park tonight, but the entire state of Ohio is under construction. What should have been a 4 hour drive, turned into a 6 hour drive.


Has anybody on here been in the new haunt yet? If so, what's the theme of it and is it worth the wait?

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I'm surprised you had trouble driving. I flew up from Texas on Friday morning to visit King's Island Friday night and drove back up to Cedar Point on Saturday. Our drive from Cleveland took about 3 hours or so.


This was my first visit to KI and I must say I was impressed! I had always wanted to check out The Beast and the legendary night ride lived up to expectations. As CoasterBill stated, I hope it doesn't get revamped any, I love a good out of a control wooden coaster! As much as I love our new Texas Giant here at SFoT, I do miss the old beat you up version before RMC took it over sometimes.


Banshee was AWESOME and I really enjoyed the airtime on Diamondback. I went up to Great Adventure this year and Nitro and Diamondback are very very similar but I enjoyed the KI version a bit better. I enjoyed Firehawk a lot more than I thought I would, I enjoy flying/laydown coasters, but the restraints can get uncomfortable at times, but we enjoyed our ride.


I was very impressed with the haunt! They had a TON of roaming characters and I enjoyed how dark and creepy the park felt, it was very well done! Overall, a very good trip and I got to knock off The Beast off of my "need to ride before I die" list. We found some very nice locals in the lines who helped us out and very much appreciated it!

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I'm going to the park Halloween weekend for Haunt. I'm assuming I'd need Fright Lane for Saturday night 10/31 to do haunted houses, but if I were to switch my schedule to Friday, would crowds be better? Also, I plan on going back to the park on Sunday for the rides; is closing day usually an issue?

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Every time I take a look at the Cedar Point webcams during the day with decent weather Millennium has a mostly full queue, and at the same time on the same day Diamondback is nearly a walk on. Of course there are factors that influence this but it's very consistent. Does Kings Island just not get that busy during the day in the fall? It's really weird and I take a look at the webcams fairly often because I'm a nerd


Edit: later in the afternoon it might be a 10 minute wait and build up at night, but until then its almost empty. It's a strange sight to see.

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Has anyone else noticed how Carowinds and KI have added the unlimited souvenir cup refills for 25 bucks next year? That honestly sounds like a good deal....


Kennywood did that this year and it as great. $20 was a no brainier, especially if you have a season pass.

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KI doesn't run any of its houses on Sundays; CP does. Sundays at KI really only consist of families with young children and a small number of die-hard passholders.



Oh I didn't know that. Why do they not open the haunted houses on Sundays?

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KI doesn't run any of its houses on Sundays; CP does. Sundays at KI really only consist of families with young children and a small number of die-hard passholders.


I still think that KI should run at least one or two houses at least, maybe the new BLACKOUT or MADAM FATALES CAVERN OF HORRORS, just so that the teenagers/Adults aren't bored to death with spooky children stuff....although i haven't seen many Haunt props covered up on Sundays like they used to.




In other words construction has started on tropical plunge!


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KI doesn't run any of its houses on Sundays; CP does. Sundays at KI really only consist of families with young children and a small number of die-hard passholders.



Oh I didn't know that. Why do they not open the haunted houses on Sundays?


The park only stays open until 7PM on Sundays. I can't recall them every staying open later/or doing haunt attractions on a Sunday even going back to Paramount's ownership. I was surprised SF Great America was open 'till 10PM and had haunts open on Sundays...I had grown up only knowing KI to do it on Friday and Saturday!

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Here are a few random shots I took at the park last weekend.


I love what they did to the front gate this year.



Anybody know what this thing is?


I built this car



Not sure whats going down here


Yea....Saturday was so buisy that vortex even had a crazy line.


The old flight commander entrance





In the arcade, you can win this grand prize for only 8000 tickets



X Flight!!






My son is not quite tall enough yet






Fast lane helped us ride the beast multiple times.




They are making progress on the new entry plaza



On the way out, we spotted the banshee car heading to taco bell


Mistake on the menu board...wrong park


This reminds me of a deathclaw from the fallout video game


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I'm not sure what the proper name is but this looks like its a chiller used in commercial hvac systems, I work in IT but the company I work for is a huge hvac company so I'm sure someone in my office could tell me the exact name of this thing.



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I meant to post my video here from my trip on October 16. I had never been to Haunt on Friday's and wasn't sure how the crowds would be. It was also fairly cool that night. I'm not in to the haunted houses, but went through probably the two easiest ones, Sorority House and the clown one.


I've gained a little weight since I went a year ago, so Diamondback was a no go for me. I was able to get on Banshee though. I still love that thing. It wasn't as warm as the June day last year when I rode it. I was freezing when I got off of it, but it was well worth it.



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So something i saw yesterday while walking around was that there where literally almost NO scareactors walking around when Haunt started at 6 o'clock , and none of the mazes outside opened till i think 8:30? But I did find something when i was in Diamondback's store. This something was a 4 piece dot magnet set that said "Fear The Four" the four listed being Beast, Firehawk, Vortex and yes the unloved Son Of Beast. One last thing i noticed yesterday was that they use the old Flight Commander Queue line building for overflow from Killmart's line.


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