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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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Four items:


1 - I also saw them putting the trains on the transfer track that day. I have a picture. W00t!

2 - The train was stalled at the top of the Rosebowl from early morning until mid-afternoon.

3 - Some time that evening, I saw it stalled on the hill after the second helix. I'm sorry I don't have pictures.

4 - The morning we left KI for Holiday World, I saw SOB crest the lift and make its way into the big drop. Again, I don't have pictures or video. You'll just have to take my word for it. Sorry.

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I can't wait until they tear down this rough, pointless woodie. Kinzel himself admitted that the project didn't work out. Seriously, what's the point of re-opening this POS? It smeared their reputation last year when it mangled a few riders. If there is another accident, they're going to get absolutely creamed in court.

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I can't say I hate it........ but it does kinda suck. the loop was the best part..... and I'd have to say that they did waste 25 million on a crappy wooden coaster.


kraken316 They should tear it down it would be a better investment than fixing it!


vedved82491 lmao...


next thing you know, they're gonna keep it closed another year...just to re-add the loop again..


it's true, they probably will spend a year to rebuild the loop.

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^^You know why they took out the loop, right?

The only reason for the PSVs was to safely navigate the loop. Without the loop, the PSVs aren't needed, meaning they can replace them with more comfortable trains. I have no idea what possessed them to choose G-Trains, but nonetheless, the thinking in it makes perfect sense.

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