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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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The station does look church-like with the Gothic arches. I wonder if that will tie into the Banshee theming or if it's just to give it some visual appeal.


A "banshee" is seen as an omen of death in Irish mythology, so I think they went with some "gothic graveyard" theming for the station.

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It's been snowy and cold this winter in Cincinnati. I don't remember a winter like this since the 80's. It seems to snow several inches every few days. I'm sure it's much worse in New York however.


That's the thing... it's really not worse in NY this year. We're getting a decent amount of snow but it looks like it's snowing every single day on the KI webcam.

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Man, they must be getting some huge bonus for having the track work done by January. It's like 10 here today with a windchill of -5 and they are still pushing away, looks like they have maybe half of the helix done now. Unless something crazy happens should be done by Thursday if not maybe tomorrow.


Part of the helix circled in red

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^Interesting. I wonder if there is amy difference, or if that is just what they chose to call it.


Guy "Those wacky and often hilarious B&M guys." Koepp


I always took a Carousel turn as a flat turn (like Bizarro at SFGAdv) while a helix bent up or down (like Nitro at SFGAdv)...



of course, that idea is ruined by this ride... so I think it's interchangeable.

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Woah! Construction is going so fast!


I've been following construction for so long on this ride and now it's almost complete! I hope it's as good as it looks!

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