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Europa Park Discussion Thread

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  • 1 month later...

Europa Park's opening day is tomorrow and they have released their annual video about all the new things happening this year.

Some of the new stuff is:


- The Scandinavia themed area will reopen in the end of May.

- There will be a darkride in the cellar of the Scandinavian area called Snorri Touren (Named after the mascot for the new waterpark) this will open in the fall.

- Eurosat Can Can Coaster have been updated with new and improved theming, a new scene after the brakerun, and the trimbrakes have been reduced so that the ride is now running as fast as it was before the refurb.

- Madame Freudenreich Curiosités have also received additional theming.

- The new waterpark Rulantica will open in November and the new hotel Krønasår will open in may.

- They have also released concept art for the new Piraten in Batavia that will open in 2020, as well as an exhibition in what was previously the Mack Bank with concept art and a animatronic from the new ride.



New animatronic:


I think this looks absolutely fantastic! And it is impressive how quickly they are recovering from the fire






New Piraten in Batavia


The restaurant at the end of Batavia




New animatronic

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Everything looks great. And the concept art for the Pirate ride...


Also, the ride vehicle for the dark ride "looks like" it could be a trackless one.

So, is it a trackless ride, or not? Just curious, thanks.

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I am happy to have trimless Can Can Coaster! That thing was running seriously fast in its previous incarnation and I can't wait to experience it again in a few weeks!


Europa-Park really knows how to make the most of everything and keep their rides in tip-top condition!

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  • 2 weeks later...

We'll be at the park Wednesday and Thursday!

Does anyone want to meet up?

We'll be wearing Club TPR shirts or Kings Island shirts and are carrying a light blue handcart.

Trip report will be coming afterwards.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Photo Trip Report - Europa Park 04/24/2019 and 04/25/2019



After our first two amusement park attempts with Paul to Tripsdrill and Holiday Park we assumed that he's ready for a full trip. Not been to Europa Park for two and a half years, the longest streak ever, it was our sure target. So we took his uncle and two nieces and headed there for two days. We went to the main gates the day before to get our passes. We had our Club TPR cards with us and asked if there's a discount and the employee gave us group prices without missing a beat. She also seemed to know the forums, because she asked me to greet the Club TPR people - so please feel greeted!


With our little one we didn't get there for coastering in the first place, but we managed it to ride every big coaster we wanted multiple times.

Because there were holidays in Germany, France and Switzerland, the pack was packed. Wait times on the big rides never went under 45 minutes between park opening and 6pm, so we mostly focussed on riding things suitable for Paul. We did almost every ride in the park he was allowed on and he enjoyed all of them. We never expected that, because we went to the park with opening and went with closing, a pretty long day for him. He managed to eat an take his naps for the right times on both days, so there was no crying, no bad mood - just a pure awesome one year old giggling on the rides. We managed to get on Blue Fire, Wodan, Silver Star and the Voletarium on the first day. Three of us always went on the rides while the other two waited outside, played with Paul and fed him until we returned with the Baby Switch passes and they could walk up the exit and ride immediately. On the first day around 5pm a thunderstorm hit the park badly, flooding the ground within minutes. We went to the Glückskind Lounge, a grocery store for young families inside the park with a changing room, things to buy, two microwaves and everything you need. We waited for the rain to go and won the bet. One hour later the rain went away and most of the people had left. So we could do a lot of rides in the last hour. We ended our day, as we do always, at the "Ochsen", the best restaurant in town.


On the second day we first hit Euro-Mir due to a nonexisting line before going for the kiddy area. When Paul was sufficiently tired, we went for the Voletarium again. While waiting, Paul decided to take a nap in his handcart - and didn't wake up again for the next two hours. We pulled him over hedge and ditch while going for the Vindjammer, the teacups and finally our first ever ride on the new Eurosat. It had a 45 minute queue, but I didn't care because I wanted to see the new queue area, so I broke my rule never to wait more than 30 minutes for a coaster for the first time in years. Even if it was long, it was well worth it. The fact that the others outside could ride immediately afterwards also helped - as well as the reality that the line was almost always as long on both days and it hat frequent breakdowns on both days, so we feared to miss it at all. After that, we went to the Irish land again, where all of us found things to ride. As our last things to do, we planned to go for Wodan, Blue Fire, Fjord Rafting and, in the end, for multiple rides on Atlantica. Baby Switch again saved our day and so six tired ridden theme park soldiers went to the "Ochsen" again!


On our whole trip we met tons of awesome ride OPs that went above and beyond to make an unforgettable day for everyone in the park. The lines really flew everywhere and they managed it to get 40 second dispatches on both Euro-Mir and Eurosat. One ride OP at Voletarium wasn't that helpful, but this happens and perhaps he didn't have his best day.



Here are our ride reviews:


Wodan - Timburcoaster: We rode it almost everywhere in one of the trains it was running both days. It was incredibly smooth, I'm about to say that were my smoothest rides I ever had on in. Especially in the evening it was hauling without any rattle. We loved it!


Blue Fire Megacoaster: Also smooth a butter. Running four trains all two days, the lines were fast. I only rode it in the back row (the only launch coaster I like to do so) and the differences between the morning (nice airtime), the evening after the thunderstorm (almost no airtime, but incredible hang time in the loop and the horseshoe) and the evening after the second hot day (airtime everywhere, even in the hop into the MCBR; ejector air out of the MCBR and nice hangtimes) were amazing. Even if I don't find that ride super thrilling, it's one of our most liked coaster experiences.


Silver Star: Had a pretty bad rattle in the first drop and was rattling throughout the whole course. Nothing unberable, but just bad. What the heck has to happen that a GCI is so much smoother that a B&M hyper? Don't get me wrong, the airtime was there, it was fast. But it felt more like a woodie than a B&M.


Voletarium: None of us had been to a flying theatre before, so we didn't know what to expect. The queue line is incredible and really gets the hype up for the ride. Once wat sat and locked the belts, we were a bit disappointed of the screen, only to see the "screen" going out of our sight, the vehicle to move forward and ourselves flying into the room. Wow. Never seen this before. The film was perfect, the 4D effects were perfect. Everything was perfect. My first ride was in the top row, our second in the lowest row. Two different rides. We'll be back there.


Eurosat CanCan Coaster: A perfect replacement for the old classic. The ride is so smooth. The music is fitting perfect. The queue line was made with so much love. Just go and ride it.


Euro-Mir: We had two rides. One in the rain after the thunderstorm, the other the next morning. The ride developed a bad rattle throughout the whoke course since our last visit. Also the spinning effect of the cars on the spiral lift wasn't working both times.


Flord Rafting: Just one of the best rapid rivers on the planet. You won't get home dry. It delivers always. I love this one.


Atlantica SuperSplash: One trick pony? Maybe. But a really good one! And the bonus: If you do it before closing, you may not have to get out of the vehicle and can ride multiple times.


We didn't go on Pegasus, Poseidon, Enzian, Arthur, Bobbahn and Matterhorn Blitz because the lines were always too long for those coasters. At some points even longer than on the big ones.


Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it. If you have questions, I'm glad to help you!


Early morning shot of Wodan


Happy boy, happy dad! The roar of Wodan was very interesting for him!


I love how the Blue Fire queue meanders through the course - and how close you get


Twisty track!


Nice looking coaster on a beautiful day


One of the rides we had never done without Paul


That's how a queue line should look!


Thunderstorm flooding the park


I truly love the look of this coaster. But I really don't like the coaster.


The new kiddy hotness. Very funny!


The pacifier eating tree


Chilling boat ride - while every big coaster had an hour wait time


Knocked out after one and a half interesting days


Also an underrated gem we never did before


The sing is still there! :)


Fjord Showering


Queue line of Eurosat CanCan! Very good!


Mmmmh, food!


Thanks to Madame Freudenreichs Curiositées I now know how dinos were made!


Old MacDonald's Tractor Fun was his favorite ride of the day!


Dancing Dingie - nothing for me, but the others loved it


I love the twisty ending of Wodan!

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  • 2 weeks later...

^^Stay at Hotel Colosseo if you can. An easy walk to the park,

and the restaurants are great. The bar is, too.


Our Colosseo Hotel room view. TPR 2008 Europe Tour.


Along the path, from the hotel to the park. TPR 2010 Europe Tour.

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^What Elissa and Bill said.

Plus, after 6 pm crowds will get significantly lower. Between noon and 2 pm there'll be sign at each ride op booth telling you how long the park will be open on this day. The minimum is 6 pm, but reality says that it's never under 7 pm in the summer. We've even had a 9 pm day.

If you want to go to the Food Loop Restaurant, you'll have to make reservations. The line for the reastaurant can be up to one hour plus waiting for your food. Otherwise I recommend the Irish Pub in the irish kiddie area. It's awesome and has a very low line after 1 pm. The other option is what we did for the first time: Ignore the big restaurants, go snacking over the course of the day and go for a larger dinner. There are so many litte snack shacks we've missed so many times - it was well worth it.

Oh, and download the app. Wait times are almost always accurate and so it helps you a lot. It also shows you where you are and how you have to walk to get to your desired attraction.

Any other particular questions?

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Also you can drink around the world in the evenings; most of the bars in the hotels are really good, particularly the Buena Vista Club on the 9th floor of the Castillo Alcazar hotel (use the lift from reception). The views across the park are fantastic, and there is a little Moroccan-style smoking lounge tucked away at the back. It's magical. The bar in Bell Rock is nice, too. It's good that you can explore the hotels and their restaurants/bars here (unlike Efteling or Port Aventura where you're kinda stuck in whichever hotel you stay in) and there are always fountain shows going on, or nice garden areas to sit in.

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