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Europa Park Discussion Thread

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Seems like they won't rebuild Piraten then, to expensive maybe? It will have big shoes to fill the void. They really are working through a check list, They really seem to just shake it off and go further forward which is only greath for the park that they can have that mindset.


Sound very fast. I know it's mostly concrete but still it can be damaged by fire and when it needs to contain water that can be a problem. Theming can be fixed anytime later.

It will be fine, they know what they are doing

Oh I'm sure they are, I just expected it took some time to get an official statement. I thought they might first look at the damage but it's good to see them keeping it positive.


I also heard that they want to reopen the teacups in the Netherlands section as soon as possible.

The Teacups will open later this week according to Facebook.

This doesn't surprise me at all. It wasn't damaged so all they have to do is move some fences and it's good to go again.

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I’m sure families would like a 400 foot drop tower

...no they wouldn't. (I'm pretty sure you're just joking, but still)

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On twitter, Roland Mack, co-creator of EP, leaves us a message of hope and thanks rescues services, fans communities, visitors...for their support.



I don't know if there's also english subtitles but this message is enough important to be shared

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Cause of fire in Europa-Park is known




The cause of the big fire in Europa-Park is known. According to the police, the fire could be caused by a technical defect at the Rapids ride Fjord Rafting. "The technical research has not yet been completed, but at the moment we are not assuming a human error", the authorities say.


A part of the German theme park was destroyed by the fire. The themed area Scandinavia, darkride Piraten in Batavia and a data center have largely been destroyed. Visitors and employees were all unharmed. However, seven firefighters were slightly injured, by inhaling smoke.


Research is still being conducted into the exact extent of the damage. Except for Piraten in Batavia and Fjord Rafting, all attractions in the affected area have since been reopened. Europa-Park wants to open the Rapids ride as soon as possible.





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^To add to that, according to the park's Facebook page, it will be an indoor dark ride!


UPDATE: We can confirm that the 'PIRATEN' are returning!


We are still with great care tthinking about a concept for a large family attraction in the Dutch themed area. We are sorry that we can not name any further plans now. However, it is certain that it will be an indoor dark ride.

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  • 2 weeks later...

- Damage from the Batavia fire is estimated to be above 50 million euros.

- According to prosecutors, the fire started in the tunnel area Fjord-Rafting passed through near the warehouse and Piraten building. The cause of the fire is not yet clear as the investigation is not completed yet.

- According to Michael Mack at a recent Europa Park Fanclub meeting, the Scandinavian area will be back in operation "almost identical in appearance" sometime next year.

- Whatever's replacing Piraten in Batavia is set to open in 2020. There's currently split opinions within the Mack family on what should replace it: younger members want something entirely new, older members seem to want something as close to founder Ronald Mack's original design as possible.


Sources (in German):



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Does 50 million Euros seem a *bit* high to anyone else? Like, I get that it was a bad fire and all, but I thought only one major ride got destroyed? Was there that much infrastructure that also got destroyed? Are they maybe counting new ride replacement costs in this?

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