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  1. From a park that used to prioritize theming over everything I don't really get this... A weed infested walking trail?
  2. Funny how you disliked Spookslot so much. I think it's pretty unique in how they went all out scary over whimsical in such a child-oriented park. Especially considering this was their first large scale attraction, largely designed in house when they were just a playground. I'm not familiar with any European walkthrough/dark ride built before this that doesn't look cheap. Meanwhile I can't stand Symbolica in all its random Nickelodeonesque loudness, but I guess I'm just turning into a curmudgeonly old man
  3. People saying this is just like the flu need to look up the mortality rates and see how well Italy's hospitals are doing.
  4. What a thoroughly weird choice, name, lack of themeing, and drawing.
  5. Apparently the Bob is now having problems with its chain lift. They're being oddly open about it on Twitter today:
  6. Disney replacing California Screamin' with constant baby noises and nom nom memes really rubs me the wrong way It was actually one of my favorite rides visiting California as a teenager. Am I out of touch with this ride's target audience, or is this just a really weird ride now?
  7. I can already feel the vest restraint tightening at the bottom of that dive drop, just in time for the airtime hill.
  8. If Intamin is coming in to fix the river rapids anyway.. I’m sure families would like a 400 foot drop tower
  9. Are they really operating the tiny HUSS pirate ship basically next to the smoking piles of rubble?
  10. Three firefighters suffered 'minor smoke related injuries' though.
  11. Note how Intamin branded 'family' launch coasters have so far have been small friction wheel models, only because of costs and maybe the skeuomorphic trains. Efteling's got the dough and design's certainly their thing, so hopefully they won't start cutting corners like that. Now if they go Blitz, with competent launches and high capacity trains, they could still slap on as much preshows and soap bubbles as they like. I would actually prefer no inversions. Sharp increase though yeah. Symbolica's show building sure looks pretty.
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