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  1. We got caught by this a couple years ago, bought our Park tickets on cyber Monday and booked express hotel separately. At check in we were told we would have to pay for parking at the park.
  2. I am thinking of going to Japan over Christmas time, I have done some googling but haven't found much information on nagashima spa land in winter . Does anyone know if the roller-coasters are open throughout winter? I have been to nagashima before so the main ride that I will want to get on is Hakugei.
  3. I am 193cm and they checked me each time for formula rossa and flying aces.
  4. We made it to the park on 01/01, we didn't get to the park until midday due to being up late for new years. T express had just opened when we arrive and only had a 30 minute wait. It was awesome, think that it is my favourite wooden coaster. We got 4 rides on t express, it was wierd being so cold while riding a roller-coaster. We really enjoyed the pandas and the safari too.
  5. Thank you so much for your help. Looks like I could go on the 31st or the 1st but I assume both of those days will be super busy.
  6. I will be in Korea for a week over new years, any chance t express will be open? What is the temperature requirement for it to operate?
  7. I am planing on going to the park September 21, I can only go to the park for 1 day. Is it worth staying at Europa Park hotel to get the half hour early entry?
  8. Thanks for confirming that, I will have to make the 16th work.
  9. I am planning a trip to Oktoberfest this year and hoping to hit up a couple of parks while in the country. This question seems a bit silly but I am looking at the park hours and for 15 September and it states "Opening hours: Full", I assume that means the park is booked out and not open to Public? The 15th would work best for our schedule but could go on the 16th if required.
  10. From memory as soon as the early entry opens people start to line up. Then they open the office a few minutes before the park opens. As we didn't know any Japanese we prepared the rides/time we wanted on a printout. This made the process much easier for us.
  11. Just got back from an awesome 14 hour day at the park. Got on the last train on TTD after it broke down at close and they made the effort to get it fixed for us. The biggest surprise of the park was the Extreme Wheels show, the performers were incredible!
  12. With parking at cedar point can you leave the carpark and come back in without having to pay again?
  13. Everywhere was super busy so we just ended up getting a pulled pork burger and chicken tenders, pretty average. Can't remember what the place was called. We had a good two days at the park, we just had to try keep lightning rod out of our minds. Might come back in 5 years or so, it should be reliable by then.
  14. Why does Dolly have to tease me? Watching it test both trains again. It looks like it's running consistently.
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