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Weird roller coasters.

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All of the coasters made by O.D. Hopkins qualify for this category in some way or another, but these three especially. The company specializes in water rides.


Texas Tornado -- Look at this part of the ride in general, and look at this loop.



I agree on Texas Tornado...that first loop comes out weird and the second one looked like someone messed up on the physics and they had to modify it to make it continue.

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^Yeah, classic example would be Goliath at SFMM. The front offers a great view of the park, awesome airtime, and a terrifying view of the drop. The back offers horribly strong g's and a very strong gut wrenching brake effect.


The horrible G's is why I can ride Titan at SFoT. Does the front car help on that? I go beyond a greyout on Titan.

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^Whoa! At first I thought it was that track the camera rode on in some music video... I forget what band it was, I think Keiser chiefs?



That is WEIRD. Whered you find the picutre?




EDIT - I jsut noticed, no way is that in any way shape or form rideable, look a the hairpin turn after the gigantic drop. Plus - no lift mechanism


I think the video you're referring to is "Is It Any Wonder" from Keane.. but it's not the same "coaster" (I don't think, anyway).



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Another WildTrain from Pax with a costum Layout: http://rcdb.com/ig2775.htm?picture=19! A nice german report (with nice pics) on http://www.coastersandmore.de/rides/wildtrain/wildtrain.shtml

But i had to say i had a lot of fun on it and really EXTREM airtime



and the longest coaster in europe "Ultimate": http://rcdb.com/ig779.htm?picture=7

totally underbanked, with very low drops on highspeed, spread over a huge area and a riding time of nearly 7 minutes!!!!

Here is a really nice onride: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czTbR1HW6L4

hope i can ride it sometimes



and i found this one: http://rcdb.com/ig3685.htm?picture=19

The track and layout look a little bit strange.

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For me there are a few,


The Classic (I believe it was almost unrideably rough)




Then for cuteness sake it would have to be this Human Powered Rollercoaster in Wales





On a side note, the Wiener Looping that was at Flamingo Land was an awesome piece of Schwarzkopf Engineering, I loved that ride about the same as Thunder Looper at Alton Towers, however The Bullet did make me grey out on more than one occasion Great Fun!!!!!

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^Scenic railways have interested me since I first heard about them. It would be fun to ride Montaña Suize, Hochschaubahn, Vuoristorata, or any of the other classics.


On topic, Zola7 at Fuji-Q seemed really funky with its combo coaster/shooting dark ride.

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