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Weird roller coasters.

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^I never understood why people think it's so painful. They look similar to Time Warp's, and I didn't feel any pain at all on that ride. (But I did think I was going to fall out!)

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Viking86 thinks the last picture looks awesome because its a PAX coaster and the only PAX coaster he has been on is freakin amazing.


Viking86 also realises that he has to change his signature because El Toro is easily the best coaster ever created.

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MattyD is not liking all the third person talking! Seriously, I was enjoying this topic but it seems to have gone to 'Weird RollerCoaster Enthusiasts' rather than 'Weird Rollercoasters'!!!


The site I saw this one on said it was fully functioning and built in a school gym! I honestly can't see how this is fully functioning (you'd come off on the corners surely?!) but if it is then it must fit into the wierd rollercoasters catagory!


Hope to see some more in actual parks soon, this topic is really interesting!




Back on topic, How about this then?

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^Whoa! At first I thought it was that track the camera rode on in some music video... I forget what band it was, I think Keiser chiefs?



That is WEIRD. Whered you find the picutre?




EDIT - I jsut noticed, no way is that in any way shape or form rideable, look a the hairpin turn after the gigantic drop. Plus - no lift mechanism

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I honestly can't remember where I found it - it was a list of the weirdest school projects but thats all I remember! I can't see how it could work either, but the site was actually listing statistics like 35mph at the bottom of the biggest drop etc so I wasn't sure whether they were taking the p*ss or whether kids were riding it on skateboards or something!


You can probably find something about it by typing in School Rollercoaster or something like that in google, I just came across it whilst randomly searching the web and immediately thought of this thread!!!


But I do agree it really doesn't look rideable!



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