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Weird roller coasters.

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**NOTE** If this thread is a copy of anything, please lock it.


Hello, everyone. We've all seen the typical B&M floorlesses, and intamin mega coasters that are talked about all the time on roller coaster forums...But let's push all that stuff aside...


What is the WEIRDEST, yes, WEIRDEST roller coaster you have ever seen? There are even ones you never thought would acctually exist!




BEHOLD! The dragon coasters in RCT3 are REAL!!! AND there's more than one of them!



And so is the tilt coaster!



Post the weirdest or RAREST ride types you've ever seen!


[To GP members that are enthusiasts in training...suspended coasters are NOT a rare ride type...]

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BEHOLD! The dragon coasters in RCT3 are REAL!!! AND there's more than one of them!


...And so is the tilt coaster!


If you do enough research, you will find that all of the coasters in RCT are either real or were real concepts by actual companies. The only exceptions that I know of would be some of the goofy train shells (like some of the animal trains). However, most of those aren't inconceivable.

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^Holy crap there better be brakes at the end of that first drop, imagine if there wasnt, OMG that would be terrible!


Actually, there are brakes going all the way down both "drops". See those extra red things in the center or the track?

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Well, besides the obvious nominations that have been mentioned already I ahve to mention, first of all, Rakevet Harim, at an amsuement pakr not too far from where I live.


It has the weirdest layout, It is powered, goes up in giant spirals, rides close to the cieling(it's an indoor park), and has pretty much no interesting drops. It's a kiddy ride, only it's waaaaaay up high in the air.

Also, it has weird enclsoed cars.


But the WEIRDEST thing about it is that NOBODY knows what company made it! Not even the park managment! I asked them! And it doesn't look like any coaster I've ever seen.


One of the coaster's two spiral "lift hills"


The coaster's "Drop" from the cieling into the station.


The artificial mountain that it goes through at some point


Doesn't look like MACK or TOGO to me!






And another one thats pretty high up on the WTF scale is the Orphan Rocker.


Aside from its completely bizzare name, this coaster is one of the weirdest coasters on the planet.


The coaster was built in 1988 and never opened to the public because of problems. They kept trying to work on it and opening it but it never did open. The cars are bizzare, they are like a suspended coaster without being suspended!



Layout-wise, this looks like the world's biggest kiddie coaster. No giant drops or any scary manouvers, but it covers a HUGE area and has some steep turns.



But one of the things that makes this coaster the weirdest is that it has a turn on the edge of a 200m(about 600ft) CLIFF!

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