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Six Flags Magic Mountain Tatsu Flying Coaster

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So this is my first time posting here which is surprising since I've been coming to this site for many years now... But I've built up a few comments and decided that it was time I share...


First off, as far as the media day goes, you could be invited at 13. I believe my first media invite was when I was 15, it was the announcement for X. From that point on I got invited to basically every event the park has put on... Now granted since my website is very much dead (rollercoasterz.com was my project if any of you remember it) so I don't think I'm still on the parks invite list.


Now onto the ride itself. I think the biggest reason I've started following it is simply because I would have never of picked the top of Samurai Summit for another coaster. I'm still a bit shocked at just how much room they have up there, as well as the raw size of the rides footprint. Considering that they just started pouring footers, my guess is this coaster is going to aim for a Spring Break opening. Just off of memory from watching other rides go up, land work takes the greatest amount of time. Also tends to be the most boring to watch.


Now I do have a quick question for you guys, where did they do the Road kill kitchen show this year for Fright Fest. When I ran that show a few years back we were based out of the old Eagles Flight station. With all the construction I doubt that show would work up there at this point, but I also know how messy that show actually is. I remember watching (I was a sound mixer so I basically sat around making sure the sound system did not decide to walk away between shows) them clean the mess up following shows, and know they needed a place to go and clean up.


Anyways just my 2 (long post, so I guess more like 3) cents. Hope everybody here is doing well!

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Ah yeah, that would actually be a decent place to run the show from... Personally I always thought it was kind of a lame show, but I also watched it 6 times a day for a full month.


Also... Eric I believe I did meet you at the media event for X... However I want to say that I had actually run into you at an eariler event as well. Did you go to Deja Vu's media day?


And finally, yeah my site did have the SFMM Guide. Actually I had taken several months reworking that site on Dreamweaver, and was just about finshed with it when I actually made the decision to stop the website. It looked pretty cool, however it is now confined to a CD that is somewhere back at my parents house.


Also though I'm sure it's covered somewhere in the 95 pages behind me, what's going on with Skytower? I know eariler in the project they had dug up the area around it. I assume since in the last 10 or so pages I did not notice any talk about it, that the park has decided to allow the tower to live? Not sure why they'd really bother with taking it out, its got such a small footprint that removing it is not really going to gain them anything.

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^As far as I know (and, well, logically), it would definitly not make any sense to remove the Sky Tower, for all of the reasons you mentioned above. I would bet thousands of dollars of my life savings that Sky Tower will be at the park as long as the park is operating. However, rumors are buzzing around that it may re-open in 2006, as part of the entire propable "Samurai Summit Makeover" that people are hoping happens while Tatsu construction is underway. Nothing is guaranteed though...


To me, it's kind of a typical "Sky Tower may re-open" rumor that tends to fly around every year when announcements are scheduled..and much more convienient and believable now that MM is deciding to pay attention to the Samurai hill again after over 8 years of letting it rot (Since the opening of Superman, nothing up there has been touched).


I would be utterly surprised and amazed if media day even mentioned the Sky Tower on the 17th. I'd love to believe they would open the ride, I'm all for it. But I really don't think they care enough about that thing to get it running, even with all the new construction happening around it...cause that's just the way things go at Magic Mountain sometimes...although i'd love to be wrong (And I have to be honest, sometimes I get impressed, and this park comes along and really surprises and wows me). Once again, this is all just speculation, and a reason why I think people are so excited about the 17th is because SO many questions are going to be answered on that day.


I guess this shows how excited I'm starting to get too...

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I once got stuck on that thing right over Golrusher's lift for about 20 minutes.

A mother wanted my friend and I to escort her two kids to the other side of the park in the ride. Which was all fine and dandy until we got stuck. The kids wouldn't stay sitting so the thing was rocking every which way.

The people on GR were laughing and fliping us off and the kids in our car started spitting on them. I told them to stop, but it was kinda funny.

Their mom wasn't too happy when we got over to the other side, but soon cooled off a bit when she found out what happened.

That was around 1989 or 90 if I remember right.


Anyways, back on topic.


Never been on a flyer. Sounds like it may be easier on one's spinal column than say a sit down coaster.

Anyone got info on that?


Bruce "Who only has a few posts and went right off topic, newbie foul. But tried to correct it" R.

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Hey everyone! New Photos posted today!




LOTS of footers being poured and a lot of activity on the mountain. Also, as we had a hunch last week, the rapids area is now closed. At least the mountain is still open, along with Ninja and Superman, and there were a lot of people working today.


Quite a few footers being poured in some really interesting spots.


Anyway, check out the new update and post your thoughts here!



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It's going pretty slow, especially when you look at stuff like Goliath at Georgia, ET at SFGAd, and other stuff...the only reason I'm not giving the park crap about going so slow is:


1. They actually need to do a lot of prep work for where they're putting the ride (unlike building a ride in the parking lot!)


2. Earthquake rules!

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Up Date says:


A bunch of new footers were in the process of getting installed. This one has a 30 foot marker on it. That's deep!


Can anyone tell me if this indicates something significant on the ride (hight, special inversions, etc.) or is b/c of the earthquake codes or the fact that it is on sloped areas or is it b/c of soil type...


Anyone plz add input if they have a therory, THX!



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^ I don't think it's anything significant, it's just how deep the footers need to go into the earth. Take a look at the photos from last week where the guys were working on the rebar for the footers. Those things were pretty long! Probably at least 20-30 feet each.


Those footers have to go in the ground pretty damn far to keep the ride supported.



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