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Six Flags Magic Mountain Tatsu Flying Coaster

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if it is surrounded by trees, then you dont have to worry about seeing it, if it isn't, then dont have to worry about it contrasting to much to the [non] existant trees. (besides, the only time i bet we'll see it is when it crosses over the path from viper to deja vu) i think it will be fine.


They have a butt load of markers in and around that waterfall a the opening of the park, not to mention a ton others on top of that hill, behind the revolution loop. I wouldn't be suprised if they have some sort of turn around there. Thats visible from the main entrance.


But I'm just yapping and complaining. Hopefully, the rides uniqueness will exceed its colors.

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I don’t really give too much merit to what a coasters’ colors are; they don’t think of me or you (coaster fans) when they decide this. But I will say this, based on color theory; the colors are a stark contrast to the green of the trees.


This makes me think they want and need that coaster to stick out like that. It makes perfect sense if you want your newest product to be seen, no matter if it is the latest in snack foods, or a more wholesome treat – a coaster!


Look at GR’s color. It has been there since the park opened and every incarnation of its’ color scheme has been an opposing color to the shades of greenery. It catches the eye of the GP and makes them seek out the ride; in turn they are drawn to another marketing/sales area. Once upon a time, GR could be seen from many vantage points (EF, LJ, ST, etc.)


I don’t think they think of enthusiasts when they are picking shades and hues from a color wheel/palette. Plus when a coaster is very “terrain” oriented, you need something else besides a basic lift hill to draw in the GP. In the case of S:TE, they could have painted that thing Martha Stewart Poop Brown, and it would make no difference. The only real marker for S:TE is its’ tower opposite the station. In this case they were screwed for color to draw in anyone to the station.


The GP will flock to Tatsu for many marketing reasons (the final step in that process is color), and if SFMM has any sense, they will have a new money maker/sales area(s) right there at the top of the hill ready to suck out the pockets and wallets of the GP.


Xan “the paint is for the GP” aX

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True, if you're trying to make it stand out against the trees, the picked the right colors. I would have personally gone with other darker colors to kind of blend it into the trees, so that both while you're on the ride and on the ground, you don't know when or where it's going to pop out next. Kind of how Ninja is, but they cheat with the red track, I'd love to see a camo or hunter green coaster that just bombs through the trees and kind of hides from the midway except for a few pop outs.......that'd be cool.

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I told a friend the other day that the new coaster would be called TATSU, and that the name was Japanese for dragon…


Well, he said it means more than just “dragon”. Apparently, if you are referring to just any dragon you would say doragon. Tatsu is a specific type of dragon that embodies all that is violent or powerful in nature (e.g. storms, earthquakes, etc.) The root word (verb), spelled the same, means to stand very tall and very proud. It also was used quite often for the first born son as a given name, but not so much anymore.


Tatsu (we all know is Japanese) also references the 5th Chinese zodiac symbol (yes, Chinese), a dragon. And though the Chinese notion of a dragon is powerful, the Japanese perception of a Chinese dragon was thought to be very violent. I am wondering if this concept stems from the battles in the Sea of Japan centuries ago, and the conflict between the two cultures way back when?


On another note, Tatsu is the most common type of dragon tattoo in US/western culture. It is used to sell beer in modern day Japan. And there is no female version of this immortal dragon! Tatsu is almost always portrayed in art with its’ mouth open, clouds or big ocean waves are usually in the background.


I am no expert and invite anyone to correct any of this info. After hearing this about the Tatsu dragon, it is almost possible to think that SFMM actually put some thought into naming a coaster again!!!


Classic head shot for a Tatsu

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Hi Robb and everyone,

OK...I'm guessing that these are just rumors but here are links to two sites where they discuss the new coaster may be a B&M flying coaster.


Admin Edit...before linking to other sites, check this one where we have all of that information already!



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wow. I'm *almost* speechless. I'll let someone with more experience handle this one...


I cant resist


Is this for real, he's linking to the competition? Is there something in these threads not covered here? Could it be possible that these 84 pages are nothing more than rambling drivel drafted by a nerdy group of prepubescents? Apparently I've been wasting my time on this half ass coaster site.

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seriously folks, if you plan on partaking in a forum, you cant just walk in and start spouting out things. please take the time to read through ALL 85 pages. yes it seems long but i bet half of these pages are because people burst in 5 weeks after track shows up saying "OMFG, THERS TRACK AT SFMM!!!@dGALKSJDFLAJDALJFLASKJ"


the ancient romans and greeks may not have always had a record of discussion in their forums, but we do here, so please follow along if you are posting.


i cant wait to see this baby lit up at night! perhaps there will be a dive loop coming out from the top of the waterfall and twisting over toward revy??

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^^^HAHA! It's a FACT it's a flyer! And to the 2 links of "Something new at the mountain": HEHE, we've known that for at least 10 pages!


^What about a dive loop that would emerge from the woods above Revy's loop approach, the make a Dive Loop around Revy's track!?! That would be sweet, even though I won't be riding it for another 10 years

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^That's cool...It's not so much what you posted, but we've had a lot of people jumping into this thread lately and saying stuff like "I heard it's a flying coaster", or "the name is Tatsu" which is pretty much what we've been talking about for the last 85 pages!


One of our members even posted a picture of a box that says "Six Flags Magic Mountain Flying Coaster" from the construction area!


So don't worry about it and yes there will be many more updates this weekend.

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