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Six Flags Magic Mountain Tatsu Flying Coaster

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i have a question how do you get invited to media day? cause i want to go really bad


Go to college, get a degree in journalism, get a job at a news outlet, and get assigned to cover the event. You got three weeks, you can do it!

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Or get known like Robb...I bet he's invited...It's okay dude, it's really nothing that special, I've seen them before...


Basically, some high up guy from SFMM stands in front of a podium and reads a badly prepared speech about a coaster he could really give a rats ass about...then they show picture's that you'll be seeing on here a couple minutes after anyway...

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Employees will be notified about a promo shoot if the opening is anything like Screams, I went to that one. Basically it's a week or at least a few days earlier than the media day, and a handful of photographers are assembled for stock photos of the ride in action, as well as video to be used for news stories mentioning the ride, that will be posted around town and stuff.......like on the local phone books. They also had a film crew that would interview the people getting off Scream and ask them what it was like, but they were selective in who they chose....only the really energetic and hyper people got to talk to them. My brother and I hit it 6 or 7 times before it opened, grabbed as many free sodas and sandwiches as we could, and then wandered around the park even though we weren't supposed to.


Colossus, you're in Ops. like me, so look for photocopied sheets about this put on the Wardrobe doors and walls, as well as all over the Ops. office; they're going to need full trains to make the ride look like it's already running, and need to get the word out.


As for me, I'll be glad to supply the info. about this once i hear for sure what they're going to do.

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Last year I got an email telling me that my play pass was expiring and that it was time to renew. They then offered me the X-treme pass for an additional $25.


Yeah, that was a deal at $125. I made my money back in parking alone.


They better offer the X-treme pass again this year or I'll be X-tremely pissed off.


Guy "I think I have anger issues." Koepp

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LOL! Thats funny get pics Cant wait to media day.

Are you really looking forward to media day? I mean, are you some kind of photographer or guy that could actually get in on that day, or do you just mean the promo shoot day? Promo shoot would be open to anyone and everyone who signs up first, if they do it the way they did for Scream.

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