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  1. http://tiestoatdisney.com/ Think im gonna come down with the flu in april.
  2. one thing about this coaster no matter what, some of you will find something about it to bitch about.
  3. just seems like the current board is butthurt over being told they suck at thier jobs and are doing everything possible from being outsted
  4. intresting looks like all the shareholders are going to approve a synder take over i dont know what this will mean for the entire company. Maybe i should make an e-trade account and buy a couple of thousand in stock.
  5. i can barely stomach supreme scream no way in hell i would get on anything 450 ft high that was just a drop
  6. Im a bit of a metro i get manicures & pedicures so i shop at old navy, american eagle, nordstroms, and lots of speciality shops online that sell lacoste
  7. if any sport has overpaid players its baseball those guys do jack shit for about 7 innings if you ask me and they make more then any highest paid football player does. You have to think of it in terms like this the average football player is lucky to have a career that would last 5 years and with all the injuries you might suffer and other physical problems I would be trying to get every penny i could Most people work thier entire life but in sports you might get a 10 year career if you are lucky. then have nothing but joint pains, effects from concussions and everything else. Im pretty stupid for going back to college football next season knowing pretty much that im going to screw my ankle up pretty good if i get turned around the wrong way and im not getting paid, but what can i say i love to play football and if i could make it in the nfl id love it. Kids spend thier whole lifes from elementry to college trying to become a professonial athelete it takes a lot of hard work to get to that level and once they do you dont think owners and other compaines are making millions off them by playing and endorsing thier product.
  8. i cant believe they actually made a third installment of this movie, lol the 1st two werent even good and they keep making them! some studios just dont know when to quit, this is just as bad as them making a new rambo and rocky.
  9. I honestly don't think the FTC would let CF purchase all of SF because it comes pretty close to having a monopoly in the theme park industry. Basicly it seems like the major companies in the usa would be SF, CF and Disney of course. I could be wrong but just something to consider.
  10. off topic but when do the 2006 season passes go on sale i need to buy two of them.
  11. guess i need to head out and ride it now that its open im considering buying a season pass for dlr/dca
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