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Six Flags Magic Mountain Tatsu Flying Coaster

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Please let it be open by Friday 6 April 2006 (Highly unlikely I know ) Coz that's when we'll be visiting SFMM.


And as we'll coming all the way from the UK I think they should make an extra special effort to get it finished by then!!

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i'd say it'll be over 3500


it spans just about the length of revoultion, ( which is already 3457ft long) like that ride, it goes to the front of the park (valencia falls), unlike that ride, this ride will travel all the way back to samuri summut. making it much wider, now consider that this ride will likely twist and turn much more than that ride, and your looking at one pretty dang long coaster.


i'm almost sure it'll be over 3500, i can't say how long, all i can say is it will be really long.


thanks google maps!

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^ROFLMAO !!! That's great! Is SFMM really as bad as it's made out to be?

IMO, no. SFMM gets made fun of a lot but everytime I've been there I always have a pretty good time. I always have to say "Could be worse...could be Knotts!"


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^ Ouch .


SFMM really is shaping up.


P.S....my update, from today, is ready:



Lots of work going on!


Some highlights:

-We have the second switch track

-X vallied again

-Roarin Rapids closed

-They demolished a bit of the waterfalls

-Footer holes being prepared/dug

-Are you actually reading this?

-More trees cut down

-Roarin Rapids exit partially demolished

-I dont think you are reading it.

-Dangerous, chain-saw-juggling-gardeners

-Orient Express work

-Yea, you're definitely not reading this

-A trivia game.


All in one week!

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wow, i didnt read what you said... but im sure it was very interestresting (past the point where i lost intrest at least)


anyway, im glad to hear there finally digging, and that X vallied, AGAIN??? wow, how sad is that? damn cold weather!!!


what are they doing to orient?


EDIT: oops, wow, i always thought your "photo" updates were kinda weird but now i realize, your updates arn't stupid I am....


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Great update!


Tatsu really is looking like it will be huge!


If they only operate one side of the station, (still an assumption that it is a dual sided station.) it will be real hard to stack up the trains as long as this thing is starting to look! Of course, if it's single train ops, that just means lines that will eclipse even those on X's worst days!


Chris B

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i got some awesome news. i found out on screamscape that nothing will be removed. this ride will have alot of corkscrews. it is supposed to twist around skytower (wich will open back up next year) and go around reveloution. i live in missouri but i went to sfmm in july i loved it. i hope to go back and ride this new flyer they are getting.

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Holy Poop... All these updates he has been posting to this site and I never actually clicked on it b/c I didn't know/think to do so. I was thinking your updates were just really really short... I am soooo sorry. I actually clicked it this time and I am personally thanking you for not being a one pic update idiot.



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