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Avatar Theme Week #3 - Submit Your Avatar

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I'm sure he'll let it ride out a few more days while more people get their avatars submitted.


I have a suggestion for our next avatar theme: I don't know exactly what you'd title it as but the theme could be where we pick a coaster and poke fun at it for what it's known (ie. Kingda Ka being Kingda Klone, making fun of our overpopulated boomerangs, the screw coaster as seen in Nara Dream 'of being a disneyland park' Land, ect...) This would be a humorous idea for the next theme and it would obviously be themepark related!

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OMG! I can't believe the amount of responses!!!!


Stupid Ted and your avatar! It's all your fault!!!


Seriously, these are so much fun!


Voting will start on Monday and the winner will get something cool! Maybe their avatar printed out and signed by Ted? Yeah, that would be such a kick ass prize!


When I move the forum over to the new server I'll have a "RatTums" and a "Fanatic" section for the avatars.



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With HUGE thanks to Crispy for his incredible patience (and eventually giving up on me and saying..here, let me just do it for you...) I finally have my avatar!! It could have been slightly more creative, however it was 11 o'clock at night and I didn't have time to do anything that wasn't currently on our new computer because I figured I had already dominated too much of poor Crispy's time!


So, from PKI's Boomerang Bay, I bring you my surfer girl......

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