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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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^^^At least this coaster isn't 300ft tall!


That wouldn't have bothered me. Its just for me and yes I KNOW I should be grateful for any coaster we are ever given on this earth. I really do. Its just to me Intamin is losing its touch, just my opinion, where companies like Premier and Zamperla are jumping into the "Big" Leagues and making big boy toys.


What I meant was its not like Leviathan. At least Skyrush, relative to the terrain and land it has to fit in, seems to me like it makes better use of its height imo. Leviathan...not so much, at least not in my opinion. That long brake run could have at least been cut in half to make way for a few more hills and/or turns. But I've never been to Canada's Wonderland, so idk how much land the ride is actually going to take up, and maybe B&M decided to play it safe with their new design.


Anywho, getting back on subject...

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There will be two major lift supports, but as you can see from the construction pictures, there are at least four smaller supports as the train travels down the drop into the first turn, which is the bottom of the first drop. Going up, there will be some smaller supports as the train leaves the station.

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^^This is exactly what you're going to be looking at, on a smaller scale. Magical what engineering can do for us, init?

Yes and no. The supports are going to be the same, but the support system that holds the track is going to be very different.


For those of you keeping score at home, this is what has been done to the lift hill so far and here are some more pictures that I took of the track:



Still 4 more sections that need to be added.



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[censored] [censored] [censored]ING [censored].


Stop comparing it to Intimidator 305!


It looks like those big solid-ish pieces in the second photo are what will be supporting the track as it goes up the lift. Am I wrong?

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^Its only the lift system they are comparing, which is totally acceptable because it is seemingly the same system.


In the picture you referenced, they have the same double spine as the others, its just hard to see. It could be the lift, it could not, I don't know. But we cant assume anything just cause the rendering doesn't show it.

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