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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

P. 431: Jolly Rancher Remix & Mix'd family ride to debut this summer

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So, basically, if I haven't got one by now, I haven't got one at all?


That's a shame. My intimate knowledge of lateral G-forces from riding Space Mountain 51 times in four months would have been useful to them.

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Was in Hershey for the first time ever this weekend, thought I would get a little TR action in for all of you counting down until tomorrow afternoon, and give my 2 cents on the park. We had a blast and definatly will be returning to this park in the future.

*sorry no pictures of rides or construction as camera died 2 photos in*

We took advantage of the preview plan Saturday night and then spent the day at the park Sunday(Saturday night was crazy busy in town as the Backstreet boys and New Kids on the Block were in town).

Hersheypark PROS:

-Beautiful landscape with lots of shade


-Boardwalk area was a ton of fun had a few good slides and hides Lightning Racers from the GP so more rides for us!

-reasonable prices on the food

-every park should have a preview plan

-fantastic coaster lineup


-a great variety of food, but nothing we had was any good

-VERY slow loading system(don't open air gates until everyone has left the station and purchased their on-ride photos it felt like)

-very hilly and confusing layout of the park(worst park map ever) and could really use some kind of people mover as the park gets longer

-could use more bathrooms, or atleast have them easier to find

-could use more water slides(although don't know where they could fit any)


Fahrenheit- 8/10 - Very unique ride, could really only compare it to Maverick and in our opinion on poops on Maverick. Very smooth transitions for as compact as the ride is with little to no head bangage(we found the restraints to be different than SR and Maverick, much softer and giving), vertical lift and drop were highlight of the ride.


Storm Runner- 9/10- Had extremely high hopes for this ride as probably everyone does who gets to Hershey for the first time. Launch felt just as good as Dragster just didnt last as long, loved the air-time over the top-hat, not a top 10 ride but only real negative we could find was the awful Intamin restraints and stupid slow loading system.


Wildcat- 7/10- Wanted to love this ride so much that even with some rough transition and little air I give it a 7 for being my favorite coaster companies 1st born and having sexy trains


Lightning Racers-10/10- Can't say enough good things about this ride, the mass of air-time, the amazing as always GCI curves, the pacing, the interaction between the trains, the atmosphere of the trains actually racing every lap, instant top 10 woodie but still behind Thunderhead and Voyage


Roller Soaker-2/10- Maybe we just didn't get this ride, but it was very short, didn't do much, the water jets just slapped us in the face and blinded us, and thank god we rode it first thing Sunday or we'd be waiting 2 hours for this dumb ride.


Sidewinder-3/10- Ouch


Great Bear- 8/10- Now we had heard alot of bad coming from this ride(calling it Great Borr) but we found it to be alot of fun, good pacing solid transitions, much better than Raptor because our ears wernt bleeding in the brake run, also we LOVED the fake first drop unique turnaround drop thingy, only downfall for this ride was we rode Talon the day before so it didn't have much chance in our Invert world


Comet- 6.9/10- props to Hershey for taking great care of this old classic


Wildmouse- 6.9/10- A little bit of ouch, alot of fun

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I'm very exited even though i'm from Denmark. There has been allot of talk about this roller coaster lately everywhere! And i am very exited about it! So i'm going to watch the live announcement here in Denmark!... My guess is still that this will be a Intamin 'Top-Side' Roller Coaster...

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Hersheypark to Debut Its 12th Coaster in 2012 Season

200-Foot Thrill Ride Will Feature the First Trains of Their Kind in the United States


Rising out of the earth at Hersheypark will soon be a whole new breed of roller coaster – Skyrush, a mega/hyper coaster with winged seating. It will be the tallest, fastest and longest coaster in the Park.


The train cars of the 200-foot-tall steel coaster will feature two floored seats flanked by two floorless, winged outer seats that will offer a staggering 270-degree panoramic viewing perspective.

Skyrush, which will feature cantilevered trains that are to be the first of their kind in the United States, will cost approximately $25 million and raise the number of coasters in Hersheypark to an even dozen.


The train will begin its skyward climb – at 26 feet per second – before it even leaves the station. Upon cresting the track’s peak, the train will plunge down an 85-degree descent and send riders rushing into the first of four high-speed, high-banked turns as they travel at speeds up to 75 mph.

Riders will feel the rush of five exhilarating airtime hills and transition from positive to negative gravity as they cross over the entire length of Comet, the oldest roller coaster in Hersheypark. Skyrush will travel over Spring Creek, the body of water that was a centerpiece when chocolate magnate Milton S. Hershey opened his park in 1907, and race along nearly 3,600 feet of steel track back to its station.


The third Intamin coaster in the Hersheypark arsenal, Skyrush will join crowd favorites Storm Runner, built in 2004, and Fahrenheit, built in 2008. It promises to deliver the same high-intensity thrills that Park guests have come to expect from this renowned coaster manufacturer.


Skyrush will also bring a new coaster sightline to the Comet Hollow section of Hersheypark, where it will interact with Comet, a classic wooden out-and-back coaster that dates to 1946; sooperdooperLooper, which opened in 1977 as the first steel looping coaster on the East Coast; and Great Bear, which debuted in 1998 as the first looping, inverted steel coaster in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Hersheypark, which is well known for blending the past with both the present and the future as it offers guests a one-of-a-kind experience, is reclaiming about three acres of land that have been closed to the public since 1972. The land is the site of the Park’s former “Sunken Gardens,” a popular place for early visitors to Hershey to take a stroll. The area is now being transformed not only by the new coaster, but also by a renovation that will result in the creation of a scenic observation path that’s lined by globe streetlights, fencing, trees, landscaping and flowers. The area will allow guests to reflect on the Park’s history while watching riders on a state-of-the-art mega coaster.


The coaster’s station house is being modeled after historic train stations in the Hershey area. New restroom facilities, games and food stands will replicate the Park’s buildings of yesteryear, and a new floating fountain in Spring Creek will bring back memories of days gone by.

For more information or to take a “virtual” ride on Skyrush, please visit http://www.Hersheypark.com. Hersheypark will open for its 2012 summer season on May 4, 2012; Skyrush is scheduled to open later that month.


Words in boldface are used under license.


Hershey Entertainment & Resorts is proud to help fulfill the dream of our mutual founder, Milton S. Hershey, by supporting Milton Hershey School, the largest home and school in the world, as it continues to provide opportunities for children in need. http://www.mhskids.org


Skyrush Fact Sheet



Manufacturer Intamin AG

Ride Supplier IntaRide LLC, USA

Model Mega/hyper coaster with winged seating

Seat Details Cantilever geometry

Four seats per car (two floored, two floorless)

Floorless outer seats are winged

Outer seats offer a 270-degree panoramic view

Structure Steel track

Maximum Height 200 feet

Elements 50-degree ascent

85-degree descent

Four high-speed/high-banked curves

Five airtime hills

Lift Speed 26 feet per second

Maximum Speed 75 mph (+/-)

Track Length Nearly 3,600 feet

Color Scheme Light blue columns

Yellow track

Deep blue trains with yellow accents

Braking System Magnetic braking system



Number of Trains 2

Capacity per Train 32 riders

Approximate Ride Time 63 seconds

Theoretical Ride Capacity 1,350 riders per hour



Projected Cost $25 million (estimated)


Our own Derek Ruth is delivering live photo updates from today's announcement at Hersheypark! Photos included below!






It's soon time to know all


These arrows are all over Hersheypark pointing the way to the big announcement


Looks like this is the way...


This looks to be the spot


The Hersheypark band is ready to rush!


I think people got the memo


It begins with a Lady Gaga 'Edge of Glory' flash mob. Where's Piers?!


Hersheypark announces Skyrush, over 200 feet tall


Oh yeah, and winged outer seats, a first!


Top speed 75mph


Ride stats


Ride layout


Opening around Memorial Day


RIT was on hand for the announcement


The red balloon shows the height of Skyrush compared to Comet, Fahrenheit, and Storm Runner.


The contest to be one of the first riders begins today, and ends on Aug 16. All park goers will have the chance to enter via cellphone QR code, or just visit online to sign up if you're not going to the park in the next 2 weeks

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I watched the animation and it looks cool. It doesn't look like it's got any of the QDC's "quick direction changes" like Intamin has been doing lately with their new rides. I'm not a fan of those QDC's like Maverick or I305. This will be a nice addition to their list of rides.

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