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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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Wow. The cable guide is bent completely sideways and you're right about no fraying. My guess is that the cable lost it's tension.

I was thinking about going on next Saturday, but with Storm Runner being closed, I'm betting that the crowds will go to the other rides and make the lines longer than usual.


The evil Intamin cable strikes again.


But seriously, it seems like this is starting to become a problem with some of the rides, should it be something to worry about? I've visited Hersheypark's Maintenance Dept. and they are very focused on safety and I'm sure they would have found something in their morning checks.

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I just returned from a great day at the Hersheypark. Storm runner was up and running, and the launch was smooth. I walked along the outer fence of the park where comet and looper are located. I saw many markers along the creek, as have been reported before, but I also found something interesting. Where these markers end, if you look directly across the street from the fence towards the old golf course, there is a marker in the field directly to the right of the employee parking lot. This field is to the left of the light house structure that was part of the former hershey pool......very interesting. I snapped a photo of it, albeit it was fuzzy because I had to use my digital zoom. The property was marked no trespassing so I had no other way of getting closer. I will post the image soon. In the meantime, here is the location of the marker I found. "X" marks the spot.



disclaimer----The image I am using was obtained from the news pulse notes website


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^ Hershey maintenance is pretty good with getting rides up and moving. They should have them talk to Six Flags America workers.



I am so excited to see what Hershey has up their sleeves for these markers. Hopefully it is something worth it. They know people like us see these kinds of things and get excited and start talking.

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I am so excited to see what Hershey has up their sleeves for these markers. Hopefully it is something worth it. They know people like us see these kinds of things and get excited and start talking.

Yes, but they also like toying around with us. What knowit didn't post here, but did on C-net, was that the "stake" in the golf course along the road was a fake. It turned out to be nothing more than just a stick with a piece or ribbon tied to the top. Hardly official for any serveying companies.

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I agree with Chris. That was, indeed, a stick (looked like a twig) with a red flag tied to it. Like someone else mentioned, they know whenever they begin to mark up for a new ride, that we enthusiasts always go into serious and deep discussions about it and enjoy teasing us with their little secretive games. Perhaps they're messing with us in another way, similar to how they handled the Nantimi game.

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Sorry I didn't get over here and post that the marker I found turned out to be a twig with a flag on it, albeit the same type of flag used on the markers along the creek. I didn't have my glasses with me and I only realized it was a stick after I posted the pic and zoomed in on it.

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I'm just really impressed with the quick turnaround on Storm Runner and getting it back up and running so quickly! The pics made it seem like more of a serious issue, but I guess it really wasn't.


As for the new ride coming down the pike, I'm pretty stoked for whatever they have planned. This new coaster (I'm assuming) will give me good reason to return to one of my favorite parks, especially considering that I've never ridden Fahrenheit either. With the rumored height of 212 feet, I'm really hoping for a hyper. A dive machine would be awesome as well, but I just think a hyper would round out their collection perfectly.

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For some of you who may not go to or post at Keystone Thrills or read the Patriot News, here you go:


Publication: Patriot-News, The (Harrisburg, PA)

Author(s): The Patriot-News



Date: August 19, 2010

Page: A03


Hersheypark: What's next?

The project dubbed ?Attraction 2012' is kept under wraps and Hersheypark enthusiasts, hungry for even the vague details, keep guessing at what it will be.


What's 212.6 feet tall, will be constructed near the Comet roller coaster and is being termed a new "marquee attraction" at Hersheypark? The ambiguously titled Attraction 2012 is Hershey Entertainment Co.'s code name for the big ride its design wizards are whipping up for construction during the next two years.


Buzz around the project has built for about six weeks after the term first appeared in a legal notice regarding zoning variance requests sought by the company.


Two months ago survey stakes also appeared on the park's grounds, which in turn led to a flurry of Internet postings as ride enthusiasts tried to extrapolate what Hersheypark could be building.


"Park/coaster enthusiasts continuously do our homework and research these kinds of sightings and know what a lot of these markings stand for and what they mean," said Matthew Meckley, an administrator with keystonethrills.megabb.com.


Meckley and other enthusiasts at the site have been salivating for details regarding the project and Wednesday night a few emerged during a Derry Twp. zoning hearing.


Among them, a peak ride height of 212.6 feet, was welcome news to Derek Shaw, a local member of the American Coaster Association.


"That's something sizable for a change," he said. "I hope they do something good and big."


Shaw said a large attraction, possibly a coaster, would be right in line with the park's usual development schedule. Unlike other amusement parks that roll out major attractions annually, Hersheypark tends to do one every two years.


"I don't think they feel they need to put something in every year," Shaw said. He noted that unlike other major parks, Hersheypark has a built-in tourist base with the town's chocolate history and the surrounding attractions.


That doesn't mean that Hersheypark takes anything for granted.


"New attractions are needed to help keep the park competitive," said Tim Przybylowski, senior vice president with Benatec Associates Engineers, who presented the park's argument for three zoning exemptions.


The company was asking for an exemption to the township's height limitations so it could build to a maximum 212 feet; a second asking to encroach on Park Avenue, adjacent to the area known as Comet Hollow where the ride will be built and the third to allow 32 support columns to be built in and around a man-made pond.


That will allow the ride to cross over the pond, Przybylowski said.


In order to accommodate the ride, the park would remove two catering buildings near the Comet and Superdooperlooper, Przybylowski said.


He told the board that the park had chosen Comet Hollow in order to "re-balance" the park.


"Since the creation of Boardwalk and Midway, demand has [increased] in that area," he said. The placement of the new attraction would serve to alleviate some of the demands on those areas.


But he didn't say was what the attraction would be. Przybylowski said Hersheypark operates within an ultra competitive industry and would have to keep most of the details under wraps to keep its edge.


Still, the details that emerged smell like a roller coaster to enthusiasts, and that has riders already at the edge of their seats.


Even if they can't agree on what they want.


"I'm really hoping that this is a hyper-coaster of some kind," Meckley said. "I've been on Steel Force [Dorney Park], Magnum XL200 [Cedar Point], Diamondback [Kings Island] and Apollo's Chariot [busch Gardens Williamsburg] and they're all good rides."


Shaw said he would be happier with a wooden coaster, similar to his park favorite, the Comet.


One thing they agree on -- Hersheypark will keep everyone guessing until the last moment.


"The last time, they created this bogus website ... Nantimi," Shaw said.


The website offered details for a fake ride named the Tsunami, which eventually turned into a viral marketing campaign for the actual ride, the Fahrenheit. Shaw said he wouldn't be surprised to see the park play more games with its fans this time around.


"They know how to do that," he said. "And if you can get the buzz going, that's free advertising."







Installed: 2008 The ride, shown above, is a " vertical lift inverted loop coaster" that, according to Hersheypark.com, ascends 121 feet, then has a 97- degree drop. Prior to the ride's launch, a fake website lauded the coming of the Tsunami, which eventually turned into a marketing campaign for the actual ride.




Opened: 2007 The initial Boardwalk included five water attractions, 11 food outlets, six games, seven stores, shade areas, hundreds of lounge chairs, two changing rooms with lockers and showers, and a building for guest services and first aid.




Opened: 2009 The addition to the Boardwalk, shown under construction, features a 4-foot- deep wave pool enclosed by the Intercoastal Waterway, a " lazy river" in which riders float in individual, translucent inner tubes.

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Hersheypark has sent us a press release about this year's holiday activities.


In November and December, visitors to Hershey, The Sweetest Place On Earth, can enjoy unique holiday-themed attractions, special kids' activities, holiday shopping, festive culinary events and special overnight packages during a town-wide celebration that lasts throughout the holiday season.

The centerpiece of the holiday celebration is Hersheypark Christmas Candylane, through which the Park is transformed into a delightful holiday village with more than 30 rides, Santa and his nine live reindeer, live entertainment, games, shops, and food. Guests can experience N.O.E.L., a breathtaking light show featuring more than 125,000 dancing lights synchronized to favorite toe-tapping Christmas music. Hersheypark Christmas Candylane will open on November 19.


Just a short drive from Hersheypark Christmas Candylane is “Hershey Sweet Lights, A Holiday Drive-Thru Spectacular,” which will open for the season on November 12. Guests can drive their cars along a 2.3-mile route through a wooded hillside and enjoy nearly 600 light displays, all while listening to the sounds of the season through a customized radio broadcast.


Both Hershey Lodge and The Hotel Hershey will offer overnight accommodations and packages to guests who wish to relax and enjoy all the town’s activities during a multi-day stay. Families may be interested in booking the popular “Breakfast With Santa” package at either property or the “Holiday Cottage Package” at The Hotel Hershey.


In addition, Hershey Lodge will offer guests a holiday dinner show. “Christmas in Chocolate Town, A Holiday Dinner Musical” includes a festive dinner topped off with a decadent chocolate dessert and a professional song-and-dance performance. This seasonal revue has changed for 2010 and will feature all-new songs, dances and set design. Christmas in Chocolate Town will kick off on November 19.


Every member of the family will enjoy “Holiday with Dickens” at The Hotel Hershey on December 5 and 6. Guests can celebrate the spirit of the season with an engaging performance of Charles Dickens’ cherished tale, A Christmas Carol. Gerald Charles Dickens, the great-great-grandson of the renowned author, will give his interpretation of the beloved story at both afternoon English tea and an elegant dinner.


The Spa At The Hotel Hershey also will take part in the seasonal celebration by offering holiday Spa packages. The “Holiday Season Sampler” combines three treatments into one amazing experience. It includes a full-body exfoliation, a hydrating body wrap that incorporates spicy body butter, and a massaging application of pure essential oils. Other holiday Spa packages feature peppermint treatments and are a great way to enjoy the sweet aromas of the season from head to toe.


The festivities will continue at Hershey’s Chocolate World with the second annual Hershey’s Holiday Chocolate House, which will be on display starting in late November. This life-size house will be completely covered in Hershey’s famous chocolate and confectionery products and will be Santa’s home throughout Christmas in Hershey. Hershey's Chocolate World also is home of Hershey’s Bake Shoppe, which will offer freshly baked Christmas treats. Chocolate is on everyone's Christmas list, and Hershey's Chocolate World has the largest selection of Hershey's products found anywhere.


For additional information, visit www.ChristmasInHershey.com or call 1-800-HERSHEY (1-800-437-7439).

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I was just pondering on what type of coaster they would put in that area if they do decide to put a coaster there. Some options I think they might go with are Hyper (B&M or Intamin?), Mega Lite (Please God, Please) or a Euro FIghter (There has been a lot being built lately). This is of course if they build a coaster.

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Just quick reminder to people who may not be members over at Keystone Thrills and might be planning a trip to Hersheypark in the Dark this year -- we'll be having a fan meet-up for Keystone Thrills at Hersheypark in the Dark on October 17th. Rain date would be the following Sunday, should our schedules work out for that. We plan on checking out the "Attraction 2012" markings and discuss about them, have a group meal at one of the restaurants and enjoy ourselves riding the rides together and getting to know each other better as coaster/park enthusiasts.


Note that this event will not be "official" as it is basically just a group of us getting together on our own time to enjoy the park. If you do plan to meet up with us, you will be responsible for your own admission ticket and money for food.


More info: http://keystonethrills.megabb.com/hersheypark-trip-planning-and-tips-section-f19/keystone-thrills-hp-in-the-dark-meet-up-t184.htm


EDIT: I changed the link and also added something to our Facebook page as well. You can go there by clicking the link in my sig.

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I'm telling you guys.. the Dippin Dots guy gave me this picture I posted earlier!


In all honesty, I'm thinking the layout WILL stretch over to where the old pool was. If it's Intamin I'm hoping it would be a megalite type ride only around 200 feet tall. I PRAY it's not a Eurofighter because with Storm Runner and Fahrenheit there's no need for anymore inversions, vertical lifts, or vertical'ish drops in Hersheypark for the time being!


I think a Dive Coaster would be pretty cool though. The larger trains and hold brake and 75 extra feet would at least add something to another vertical drop The man made pond they are talking about yeah... FILLED WITH CHOCOLATE! Chocolate Splash Down! Ok gross.


I would like to see a more heavily themed coaster though. I have no idea what they would do in that part of the park but Hershey used to be a decent THEME park back in the 90's, but ever since the Playskool Vomit water area and Ugh.. Reese's Embarrassingly Extreme Cup Challenge it seems like they are content to just keep plopping rides down with the only real theming being in the rides signage.


I'd still really love to see something like that new haunted house at Kennywood in Hershey.


^ I wish I was still in PA to meet up. Sounds like a good time!




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That is a good potential layout, but remember they said it would interact with a man made pond. They didn't say they would build the pond for the ride. It may already exist. Go to google maps and check out the man made pond to the west of this pic to see what I mean.


Here is a link




Of course, this is all just speculation at the moment

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Plus the station isn't going there either. We all know it's going where Tilt-A-Whirl is (or in that general area).


Too bad you couldn't be around for the meet-up. We're hoping it will be successful this time! Even with four/five people total, that's successful to us lol.

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Wow if it does go out to the golf course ponds like you indicated that'd be awesome! It seems really far away though to be a possible splash down. Plus until they expand over that way it won't have the "wow" factor for bystanders. Maybe it means more of a Maverick or Manta type interaction with water jets.


Has it been confirmed that the station is going to be where the Tilt-a-whirl is? It would be easy to put the station there and have the lift hill along the bank of the creek but getting BACK to the station would require some fancy work with it having to either go around the Comet or through the Comet avoiding the SDL helix and over the walkway while not interfering with the swings and Comet queue.


It would definitely be fun to meet up and discuss ideas If I get time later I'll make another artists rendition

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After looking at the spot twice in two weeks, I seriously doubt the station is going to be exactly where the Tilt-a-Whirl stands. There just isn't enough room there to do that, and Comet Hollow couldn't stand to have more supports for track leading to and from that spot invading the midway.

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  • 1 month later...

I just got back from Hersheypark in the Dark and from the site meet-up with Matt (HPCrazy) and Alex (coasteral). While we were there, something very strange occured.

Like I said in the Meet-Up thread, I said that our group would meet at the Hershey Statue around 2pm. We all got there and started waiting to see if anyone from the site would show up. After waiting 5 minutes we were about to just go and ride, but here's what happened....


3 people in white labcoats (one guy was wearing a berat (french hat) came walking up and wanted us to complete a servey. We were all about to turn them away, but I figured, "why not?"

They asked us 5 or 6 questions:

-What do you think is the right amount of time of freefall on a ride?

-What role do you think water plays in the effect on a ride?

-What are the freefall rides that you've been on?

-What role do you think water should play on a ride?

-and a question on something like if a concrete ride or water ride is better? I didn't really completely understand it though.


So they then thanked us for their time and the gave us a big envolope. Inside were 4 Exit Passes (which were passes where we didn't have to wait in line for a ride), and a smaller letter envolope which had a bunch of different puzzle pieces in it.


We all didn't really know what it was for, but once we thought about it for a second I knew I never heard of the Ride Institute of Technology (RIT) before and planned on googling it.


Once I got home, I got the envolope out, broke out the tape and started putting this thing together. Below are pictures.


It says "see u in the spring. game on!".

At the bottom of the page is a website address saying, Rideinstitute.com



Right after those 3 guys in labcoats presented us the envolope, they disappeared. We went back later in the day to check to see if they serveyed anyone else, but nobody was there.


On a sidenote, we had a list of 4 people attending on the facebook invite page that we had, someone with the name of Hershey Park friend requested me and then asked me where we were all meeting. Plus on the back of the Exit Passes was a 4 saying how many were in our group and they didn't to just open up the envolope and plop them into it while they were serveying us. It was preplanned. I have to admit it was really creepy the way this happened, but interesting.


I guess let the games begin then!






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