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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

P. 431: Jolly Rancher Remix & Mix'd family ride to debut this summer

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i really want to get inside the park so i can get a better idea of how big the path is. i keep thinking it's too narrow, but then i also consider that it's hard to tell the exact size of it from outside the part. i also never go over to the site when the construction guys are there, so i never see anyone on the actual path for reference.


i'm thinking the path on the other side of the creek is going to be maintenance only. it also seems much wider than the public path (but maybe that's a matter of perspective) which is very strange to me. i think it would have been fairly easy for them to bring the creek wall in (towards the center of the creek) another 10 feet and have the path be much wider, but i'm not an engineer so...


lastly, just want to say thanks to Ccron10 for all of the photo updates. i live in town in hershey and go down to the site on a regular basis, but still enjoy seeing your pics. if i ever see a guy with a camera while i'm at the site, i'll be sure to chat him up and find out if it's you

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Hmmmm... the entrance and exit on the same side will probably cause an increase in traffic under normal circumstances and station configurations, however, I can't see the station in itself, so hopefully they didn't have to compromise with the ability to move in the station thanks to a lack of space on the other side of the station.


^^I think seeing the last piece of track being put into place will be a very nice birthday present for me if it does actually get put in tomorrow.

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Does anyone know how tall the first airtime hill is?

This coaster is looking fantastic, hopefully it'll be completed tomorrow and testing will begin soon.

The first one is 80 feet, and the second is 60 feet.

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Oh my god, that section beginning at the Stengel Dive up to the straight bunny hop is turning out to look incredible.


Did we ever figure out where the Comet queue is going?



Not a friggin clue. Worse comes to worst, we'll know two weeks from tomorrow.

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i was down at the site for about an hour today. obviously, the last piece of track is in. looks like they finished all of the stone work for the creek walls today (on both sides). they were doing a lot of work on the walking path. seeing people on it made me realize it's a bit wider than it appears, but it's still maybe only about 4 people wide--5 at the most. additionally, they look to be aggressively finishing the concrete "caps" to all of the footers.


outside of skyrush work, there was all kinds of other things going on. they were running/testing both the comet and the fahrenheit and there was a guy up on top of the great bear's first loop doing welding work. very busy there today! i can't wait for springtime in the park. i really want to get in there and check out comet hollow and see how everything is coming together!

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^That could be it as well as possible differences in labor costs between regions. It could also just be a difference in how the costs were calculated. I305 may have been just for the ride and Skyrush could be for everything involved including dealing with the creek, the new pathway, etc. Advertising might even be included for all we know. Chances are its a whole combination of things that isn't an exact 1:1 comparison of costs.


As for the ride, I can't wait to see this start testing. A trip to Hershey is a possibility for me this year and I would love to be able to ride what looks to be an incredible ride.

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