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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 276: Penguin Trek construction update!

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I think I like this new Manta train. The front does look slightly awkward, but I am sure it works well. It looks like the SFGA Superman trains pretty much. The only thing I will wonder is - how on earth will they keep that white, well - white!?

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The thing I think is really unique about this coaster is how it seems very calming.

Usually, coasters (espeically with an animal icon such as Manta) try to make it seem as menacing and frightful as possible.


But Seaworld Orlando is making this coaster seem like a calming fly over the ocean with stingray friends.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

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Today I visited the park in hopes that the rumors about a 3:00 pm test run would be true. While it seems that the Manta team was trying to get things running today (and that is based on observation alone), work was still being done on the pre-lift hydraulics as well, among other things.


I hope to see Manta doing test runs by the time I return...


An overview of the "splashdown" area.


Another entrance to the aquarium is being wrapped by rockwork.


Or another?


And what would my Manta report be without a "sun shot?"


But here is the real "money shot!"


This is another one of those photos that I am proud of.


The station was unfortunately empty, giving me enough reason to believe that the test run would not happen during my visit.


A look towards the park entrance from the Manta construction site.


Another building is receiving its red coat of paint.


The cherrypicker men checking the lift...


This side of the area has received its main walkway, and once the "ocean" is filled on the entrance side, we will see one there as well.


Can anyone tell what is inside of this doorway?


From the "Pizza" quick service location, I was able to see this side of the station. I, along with two workers watched for fifteen minutes as one of the construction managers surveyed the area. They were told that the tests were supposed to happen today as well.


These two guys were riding around on a cherrypicker checking several parts of the lift and of the surrounding area.


I really am getting used to seeing this at my home park.


Today, technicians were working on the hydraulics responsible for moving the station switchtrack back and forth. I saw the system work twice during my two-hour visit.


Another shot I can never get enough of!


*Imagines people screaming "whee!"*


It would have been the perfect day for a test run...


Another shot of the rising entrance.


The station's cracked look has started to appear as paint is applied.


Even more water.


Here is one of the two reach envelopes on the track, near the entrance fly-by.


The entrance continues to have its rockwork built up as the adjacent pond is built.


Is that water I see?


For some reason, I really liked this photo.


The construction site for the Manta area is still highly active.


Much like Balder on the UK Tour 2006, Manta is sponsored by hammers and nails!


Memorial Day, here we come!


I don't think I've posted a shot like this yet...

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The anticipation is killing me!!!! Maybe it ran during the times you weren't there? There is reason to believe if management was talking about it!


A couple things though...

-The concrete pour towards the pretzel loop and the flat spin is going to be huge!! Thats quite the area they have ready to go.

-At this point, I am very indifferent to the colors they are painting the building. When all said and done I'm sure they will look nice, but at this point, the soft pinks, greens and blues seems a little awkward.

-The "ocean" area seems smaller than I imagined. I mean hopefully they lay more black tarp down but in comparison to the concept art, the current ocean seems rather small.


Anyways, thanks so much for the update!!! It was fantastic.

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^^^^^The prep for the construction pour (the giant area that will eventually be "The Ocean") is certainly a major part of the remaining work. Besides that, there is still a good portion of rockwork left to complete, along with detailing of the station and queue areas.


^^I agree that it will definitely be an exciting element of the ride. When imagining what the ride will be like (based on what we see now) it is still a bit difficult, considering that my only experience with a similar coaster is with the two Superman: Ultimate Flights at Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags over Georgia. I can't help but anticipate the experience knowing that there will be more to see (and nearly skim) than a field of grass.


^I'm still not sure if I'll be there on opening day. It will all depend on what is going on at that time and where I am at that time of the month.

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Great pictures! Testing shouldn't be too long now. I don't know if this means anything but on Saturday, I saw the train (just the zero car actually) at the bottom of the lift. Just like today they were checking the switch track and all, they must have been making sure the sensors and stuff worked on the train and track on Saturday.

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I don't think this has been posted yet... so here's an update, Orlando Sentinel posted article from March 4th: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/orl-bk-manta-roller-coaster-seaworld-on-track,0,4731496.story


And some photos showing off the coaster trains, 18-20 has some nice shots of the coaster train itself, with the very large "Manta" in the front car. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/orl-manta-roller-coast-seaworld-orlando-photos,0,3267909.photogallery



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