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  1. This was taken yesterday. Just an idea of how tall it is seen from afar.
  2. I thought this was worth sharing as another former trainer responds to Blackfish. It's worth a watch as I believe he makes some really good points as he responds to some of the criticism SeaWorld has taken.
  3. SeaWorld released a new Behind The Freeze episode, about the theme song.
  4. Only Pepsi products are found in the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment parks.
  5. It took me to GoDaddy as well when I clicked on their link from Facebook but when I type it into the search bar and made sure I included the "www." part, it seems to work. A lot of people seemed to be having the same problems based on their comments on Facebook.
  6. Busch Gardens updated their 2011 attraction site where when the correct code is put in, a video clip will be shown. The first video is out and has a POV of part of the ride. www.buschgardens2011.com/
  7. You can buy Quick Queue at the park. They are sold at Guest Services and Guest Assistance Center and depending on time of year (ex. during summer), in some of the gift shops as well. They rarely sell out and you should be fine getting some around 3-4PM.
  8. Quick Queue provides you unlimited front of the line access to all four main attractions: Kraken, Journey to Atlantis, Manta, and Wild Arctic. Quick Queue also provides unlimited access to both Paddle Boats and Sky Tower at no extra cost.
  9. I came across this article that was an interesting read. What caught my attention most is the part about the new teaser sign being a clue to the theme of the attraction. wwww.examiner.com/x-42676-Busch-Gardens-Examiner~y2010m6d18-New-attraction-at-Busch-Gardens-Tampa-wants-you-to-Feel-the-spirit-Feel-the-Speed-in-2011
  10. This will be for the better. I have seen traffic backed up there because guests tend to head from where the octopus is to the large viewing glass for the rays avoiding the pathway around the leafy sea dragons tank all together. It gets pretty bad especially now with the large crowds and even with the curtain, guests been going through it. With a "door" there, it would force guests to move towards the left around the leafy sea dragons tank and thus improve traffic flow.
  11. It has been a while since we had an update of what we might expect in 2010. However Screamscape posted an update with information from an LA Times post. travel.latimes.com/daily-deal-blog/index.php/seaworld-aquatica-20-5871/
  12. Just a little update. According to source from Screamscape, after October 30, Whanau Way would only be open Fridays through Sundays and closed the other days due to construction. They also mention that it may be some type of new slide.
  13. According to SeaWorld Aquatica's website, Whanau Way is closed due to possible construction for an expansion project opening in spring of 2010. Does not mention what would be constructed. Was posted in the "Rides" section of the website. www.aquaticabyseaworld.com/Site/RideList.aspx
  14. ^ Yeah I seen that on the paper as well. Also according to this article by the Orlando Sentinel, Universal already officially opened HRRR. www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/orl-bk-universal-rockit-opening-081909,0,7930032.story On another topic, the reason why I think we hear a lot of cheering and yelling while guests are exiting the platform down the stairs is because they are being encouraged by the employees. After me and my friends rode it, as we walked down the stairs, all of the employees down there looked at us and started clapping and cheering trying to get us to. None of us actually did even though we all enjoyed the ride.
  15. When I rode today, I ask my friend who sat next to me if she could hear my song and she said she could not. Oh and her audio was not working so she had no music and still couldn't hear my.
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