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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 272: New Howl-O-Scream 2022 details released!

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Was out at the park today and caught 5 cycles...Three from the parking lot as I was leaving (and then re-parked and went back in) and two cycles while in the park. Here are a few pictures of the train.










Aaaaand, the shot I'm sure everyone has wanted to see. How close does it come to the water??



And an overall shot of the site.


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Probably was LOL. Tall dude, red/white shirt.


My pictures in my avatar.


The ride looks really nice running. The train flies thru the pretzel loop and kinda crawls through the zero-g roll. The first corkscrew is taken pretty quick, and the second half was kinda sluggish. They weren't running with water dummies, either.

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Yeah, I'm still not buying the short argument either. I found a YouTube POV of Tatsu. It was around 1 minute of ride time from the top of the lift to that first set of brakes. Manta gives you about 50 seconds or so of ride time. If ya wanna complain about 10 more seconds, by all means I guess. With that said, they were cycling more frequently yesterday. I caught about 7 cycles in about 45 minutes....so things are picking up. They seemed to be checking blocks.....stopped the train at the top of lift several times, I also watched it stop on the mid-course. Much to my surprise, it regains its speed more than what I thought it would from a complete stand still.

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^Negative-from apex to main brake Tatsu cycles for 41 seconds.


Manta is short...but it could be worse, Sea World could have bought a Dark Knight coaster


By all means, you would know and I take your word for it.....I had just watched a few videos of it. From my own personal account though, having seen Manta cycle multiple times, the ride time is actually around the same. I just keep reading people talking about how short Manta is but by their accounts of "short", then Tatsu would also fall in this category. You are right, they could have bought a Dark Knight Should be getting some new views of the ride pretty soon, as the pathway between Gullivers and the former Smokey Creek is set to open soon from what I hear.

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^In no way was my post intended to be derogitory in any way, so apologies if it did. I agree with you that Manta is not much shorter than Tatsu...and that it being short shouldn't mean it won't deliver. A prime example is the popularity of the Batman clone. Are there any BAD ones out there? Rough? Maybe. Too forceful? I'll give you that, but people who say they all out suck are few and far between. And who can deny that at 2700 feet this compact ride doesn't pack quite the punch. I look for Mant to be no different. Besides, it's only 300ft shorter than Tatsu, that's pretty much just the overbank turn, which that element doesn't do it for me anyway.


But if it does indeed turn out to suck, I say blame the layout, not necessarily the length.

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