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Dumbest things said on TPR

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On a more serious note, I think the 'coasters on the moon' topic is a classic when it comes it downright randomness and stupidity. (not dumb, last time I checked most posts say something)

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^I don't think we really have to kiss her @$$ any longer. She posted on this site a few times last year, but now she's an Oscar winner and probably will never return. I think we now can say what we really thought of the movie. She'll never read it anyhow. I think it's funny how people have addresse their posts to her. Pretty much like writing a letter to Anne Frank.

I just had my letter to Anne Frank "returned to sender."


I was crushed.




I'll second that. I was quite hasty to assume Ms. Cody had abandoned us, and am I glad that she is still around.

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Anyway, I have a few dead baby jokes:


-How do you fit three babies in a bucket?


A Blender!


How do you get them back out?


Tortilla chips!


-How do you stop a baby from crawling around in circles?


Nail it's other hand to the floor.


-How many babies does it take to paint a house?


Depends on how hard you throw 'em.


-What do you call a baby with no arms and no legs in the middle of an ocean?




-What's worse to see? Seven dead babies in one trash can, or one dead baby in seven trash cans?


-What's the difference between a pile of dead babies and a Lambhorghini?


I don't have a Lambhorghini in my garage.

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WARNING: This project will include the following:


-- Some coasters without custom supports

-- Some unthemed rides

-- Single-wide paths

-- Ugly buildings


These are due to the limitations of RCT2 and my limited skills. Neither will change any time soon.

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I try and not be world strict-us poster, spelling (I'm just generally bad) And I didn't mean to brake them just a simple saying please post some more first would be nice. If i'm not welcome here then bye,


I think trying to read that just gave me a mini stroke.

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I'd rather go on Incredible Hulk. Plus Hulk IS ten times better anyway if you compare them on rcdb.


I don't need to add anything to this. This is just as bad as the guy that said MF is better than Nitro, based off the youtube videos.

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Well X was always ok before. but the old trains vibrated alot. but i hope the new trains are much smoother.!!!...!!!...!!!...!!!


then they included a tiny picture of X2 to prove their point... hmm...

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