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Dumbest things said on TPR


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Forget about the perceived stupid things that the general public say at amusement parks (come on they don't know everything...... roller coaster nerds just know more and there is no need to pick on others for that). So, why not pick on each other - very harshly? I figured, there are some really stupid things said on this site - enough to devote a whole thread to it. And, instead of doing it in the threads in which the stupid things are said, in an attempt to keep those threads clean and going strong, why not just put the bashing into one thread in the random section. So if you have a beef with something that you consider to be a highly ludicrous statement, put it here.


I will start.


"Brett Farve"

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"The Voyage reminds me of Gwarzi."


"This doesn't make ne sense. How are they going to make SOB smoother by removing the smoothest part?" <<< Asked like 75 times even though the reasoning behind removing the loop was explained in the first post.


"Why is Disney removing the loop from California Screamin'? They must hate loops!"

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I could write an encyclopedia on this.


I was not thinking one of NASA crew would really going to commit one

kinda murder since NASA has been considered as the head of America's

honor and I really bet she was also the part of its great honor.


Now I know that people do SOLACE a lot and I am wondering....what does SOLACE mean?


Facts I know:


Usually early in the morning


Lots of ERT


Knotts has one in the winter


What I am wondering is, When SOLACE comes what do you do, is it exclusive or do you have to go through a list, why is it so early, What does SOLACE stand for, and can i go to the next one in the southern california area.



Ok so I have like 60 days till I move to Florida, and I just wanted a place I could ask questions and get some anwsers from people who live there, or people who use to live there. So here it goes... what are prices like, for like milk or bread? I am sure I will have more questions, so check back often! Thanks!


I am worried that if this does do damage the companys going have to invest in on loading platform doctors and they will put wireless heart monitors on you while you ride there for making it hell to even go on the rides .


Congrats To Rob And Elissa

I Had No Idea That Elissa Was Pregnant

She Didn't Get Fat Like Most People Did She If So Send Me Some Pictures At redlaser21@yahoo.com

Oh And Rob I Agree Elissa And Kristine Are Hot Chicks (LOL)


This thread:



This seems like the easiest question, but what exactly IS Millennium Force's top speed, and why can't cedar Point even stick with a number. On my MF t-shirts it says that it is 92 Miles per hour top speed, on the website it says 92 miles per hour, but on the same website it also says it goes 93, and on RCDB it says 93mph. So here's the list of conflicts

Says 92 mph:

Promo Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJGiaFpBdpQ

one shirt: http://www.angelfire.com/biz6/rrrage/IMGA0112.JPG

website "Speed 92 mph (approximately)"


Says 93:

One t-shirt: http://www.cfmarketplaces.com/stores/stores/1/images/16579image.jpg

website: "his colossal coaster looms an incredible 310 feet above the ground and reaches a top speed of 93 mph!"

rcdb: http://www.rcdb.com/id594.htm


Can someone PLEASE clarify at least WHY it says two different speeds. Or clarify that maybe in metric, it's really 92.49 maybe? This has been bugging me since practiclly the day it opened, i even almost got into a fight at gadv regarding the speed of Millennium Force.

-Thank you to whomever replies


extra extra extra extra large tall for me please the money order is in the mail


Will post more as I find them.

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i even almost got into a fight at gadv regarding the speed of Millennium Force.



That is epic! It's not possible to condense more of the dark side of coaster enthusiasts into so few words. Thanks for the new sig.

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well i just got back from the psp forums and a dude broght his psp to sfga t oplay while he was waitin in line and it was a 2 hour wait finally he got to the roller coaster he got on and guess what roller coaster it was yup thats it KINGDA kA well right when they were about to launch his girlfriend said hey your psps in your pocket and hes like oh crap (he said she was a blonde) well

it did not fall out at the begining so hes like ok its alright but when they started going down it fell out so after he got off he got it back and everything so now everybody at the boards is tryin to get him to take a picture of it


The title of this thread:


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I can only think of one:


How Many Hours of Sleep did you get?


-Tatum "Stupid" G.


i did a 5 page essay on law degree and have a couple questions that i did not get.


What colleges or schools would best prepare you to become a lawyer?

List 3 choices


Name 3 companies in southern cali. that would offer a job to a lawyer


What is the employment trend or outlook for a lawyer?


Terrible Photo TR: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=427606


:devil: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I RESPCT ROLLERCOASTERS.well not top thrill dragster.


a sneeze is an 8th of an orgasm


Im not sure if anybody else has heard this but on my last science class of the year we started sex ed..lucky me. yeah anywaiz we were talkin lyke u do and then my creepy science teacher pulled out this fact

Just wondering if anybody else knew about this?


Okay. I have a half hour and a lot of things to get off my chest, so here goes.


Why is it that nobody can spell these days? My teachers have committed such atrocities as "Dr. Jeckyl" (wince) and "Appolo" (double wince). Kids can't spell either. I hate that. Furthermore, people who know nothing about what they are talking about but talk about it anyway really tick me off. If I have to sit through one more lecture about how Eragon is exactly the same as Lord of the Rings, I will get violent. Speaking of which, Eragon is NOT a ripoff of LOTR and Star Wars. All three are trilogies based on the Hero's Journey. If that makes them the same, then all three are ripoffs of The Odyssey, by Homer. Also, the movie will be crap. A $125 million budget is not going to do the book justice. But at least it will be quality crap, unlike Saw III, which I will not see because I feel that any movie that would be stocked on the same shelf as The Slumber Party Massacre II is crap and should be burned. We don't need a 90-minute gorefest. We need creativity. Hollywood creativity is dead. As is Six Flags. Six Flags deserves to be bought by Cedar Fair. Then we would pay less. On that note, why is it that people pay more for stuff just because of a label? Is America that stupid? Apparently so, because designer clothes sell. And crappy games sell. For every Myst there are 20 games where the objective is to kill everyone. Why is this? Is there some need for violence? It does not teach violence. Which brings me to another point. Video games are not all violent. Which games sell really well? SimCity. RCT. Myst. Meteos. Mario Kart. Why? They're fun. They don't rot your brain, they focus it. I focus on RCT2 and I have an IQ of above 150. Coincidence? Probably. But that's not the point. The point is that people are morons and most believe anything. Anyway, my Honors class assigns more work than my two Accelerated classes and my AP class put together, and the year is based on "what it means to be human." I am not human. I am a dragon. But my teacher doesn't care. I gotta go now.

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I'm surprised Wes hasn't mentioned either of my topics in the Random, Random, Random forum yet. Though I didn't think they were stupid, they just appealed more to some members than others...


Oh wait. On your last post where you quoted Tatum, were you saying his post was stupid, or my thread was stupid?

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I'm surprised Wes hasn't mentioned either of my topics in the Random, Random, Random forum yet. Though I didn't think they were stupid, they just appealed more to some members than others...


Oh wait. On your last post where you quoted Tatum, were you saying his post was stupid, or my thread was stupid?


a cow on a farm lives just as happily as a wild cow would (if there are any wild cows...)


Or anything said by goleafsgo in the Animal Rights and Fur thread.




Jay "I'm so happy that I started this thread it is sick..... thanks Wes" Willis

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The Banning Game


How To Play:

1. Signup by posting a message saying "I want to play," and I will add you to the list.

2. Every day each person votes (once only) to ban someone (you dont have to be on the list to vote) and if you have been voted for 5 times you will be banned.

3. Each person when voting votes to raise one persons score, and lower the others (raise is bad, lower is good)




1. Dont vote more than once a day, if you do, your vote will not count

2. There are 10 people on the banning list each round

3. The game lasts as long as the topic lives






1.Adrenaline_Rush 1

2.Computer Player -1


Persons Vote

I vote AR Banned

I vote save computer


And so on an so forth until someone reaches five then there banned.




Signup by posting "I would like to play," and I will add you to the list.



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My vote goes for anyone who says CP is the Best. Park. Ever. Bonus points for said poster who has never visited a park outside of Ohio.


Why would I want to visit a park outside Ohio when Cedar Point is rated the #1 park in the world? Even though Cedar Point closes their rides for half the day every time a single drop of water hits the midway, it's worth it for the privilege of visiting such a wonderful park.

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Field trip through Thrillrider15's complex cranium:


lol! I don't know why I thought of this, but what would rides be like on the moon? How would rides change in order for them to be thrilling? :o


"Let's just hope everybody knows what I'm talking about".


mean maybe after a hundred foot tall coaster's first drop, could have maybe a ten foot high bunny hill. Maybe. I don't know. :?


And this was only the first page.

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Can't find the post right now...but it was something to the effect of...


Elissa, you and Robb should really look into buying a trailor. I live in a trailer and it's awesome. It would really be good for you guys.
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