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The future of Animatronics?

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For years I know that Disney was working on a "self contained" animatronic, and that project ended up being Lucky the Dinosaur. Impressive, sure, I guess, but nowhere NEAR as impressive as what this thing can do:



You'll either see this coming soon at a theme park near you...or a war zone near you!



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I think the war zone comment is more likely. That looks to me like Terminator taking baby steps. The end is near! The end is near!


"I never saw no miracle of science that didn't go from a blessing to a curse" - Sting

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Is it just me or is that kinda scary?


No, it definitely is scary.


Hopefully this is a US design, imagine having a million of these things surrounding an entire continent strapped with grenade launchers or bazookas.


Holey Crap, Welcome to the future.

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WOW that thing really is amazing, especially the way it recovered on the ice, and when the guy tried to kick it over.


You'd be pretty pleased with the end result if you'd been working on that project, or at least I would be.



Ok so is it wrong that I found the 'Korean highschool girls:very ugly' video in the YouTube video menu funny?

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Holy crap! That thing has extremely lifelike leg movements. AND it's pretty hard to knock it down, it didn't completely slip on ice, a guy kicked it and it still stood... but all it needs is some quieter motors... then I can see it easily being used in combat on very rugged terrain.

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