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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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So Carowinds is now offering a new add-on for season pass holders. the All Season Fast Lane Plus pass now available for $125




Also you can have a choice of an all season free refill souvenir cup or what I'm guessing to be wrist bands for the all season free refill "drink" plan. Both are 29.99



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That's not padding, that's mechanism. Note the open holes to place the padding. The train has been gutted and refurbished.


How right you are about that not being padding. I didn't look at it too closely earlier. Although, now that I have looked at the photo more closely, I do notice that the seat padding is behind the mechanism, that is rested on the seats.

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^They did a GREAT job on the theming of Zephyr.


Lets hope they keep the paint scheme for Electro-Spin true to the renderings.



Interestingly enough, the above rendering for Electro Spin was from the Paramount Era when Shockwave at Canada's Wonderland was introduced in 2001. But, the photos that Carowinds has released of Electro Spin during construction look great! I really like the metallic colours on the back of the gondolas.

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