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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 403 - Park opening for a limited Holiday Event!

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As much as I WISH the Mack theory was correct, I'm pretty sure its B&M. Which is a damn shame, I was hoping for some Skyrush-esque giga coaster 3 Pretty soon, or maybe already, theres going to be a stagnation of coaster diversity in the US, as it seems CF and SF both will choose B&M over Intamin/anybody else. And that pretty much leaves small parks who can't afford Intamins to build me one! heartbreak...

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I wonder why people put down footers as any way to figure out what manufacturer the coaster will be here when at Holiday World it's completely acceptable and almost proven as fact.


Because it's all about the "cutout" in the footer that the supports interface with, not the base shape of the cement structure.


In the pictures we have so far, the support interface is not visible for Carowind's footings.

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^I was addressing the person I quoted, explaining why footers have to advance to a certain point before manufacturer becomes obvious.


I see what you are referring to and I do assume this will be a B&M but haven't seen the "almond cutout" definitively yet.

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Only one user pointed out that the footers looked strange, but when looking at the footers properly, you can see it's B&M. Other users also stated that they looked certain to be of a B&M coaster.


Oh you're right, I misread that.

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