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  1. Thanks for the info guys! Gonna stick to the original itinerary - Tuesday evening for a few hours and then all day Wednesday. Hopefully the threat of some light rain will keep a few folks away as well.
  2. Quick question for the KD regulars. I'll be driving down from Michigan this week and initially was planning on visiting Wednesday. While the forecast looks fine from a rain standpoint, there are projected winds of 15-20mph for most of the day (with heavier gusts). How likely are the major coasters to be operating in these types of conditions? I can potentially shift to visiting Thursday if this level of wind will shut a lot of stuff down.
  3. Why would they announce the permanent closure of a ride if they were re-profiling it? This is much more likely to be an RMC conversion or a complete demo to free up a bunch of space.
  4. One of the saltier posts I've read in a while. Roller coaster layouts stand on their own. If accurate, this appears it will be the best dive machine constructed thus far and will slide into the majority of people's top 5 at the park.
  5. Mean Streak is practically the sister coaster of the (old) Texas Giant, RMC's first I-Box conversion which obviously turned out *very* well. Check out an old POV, their layouts are very similar.
  6. 1 - Skyrush (Hershey) 2 - The Voyage (Holiday World) 3 - Maverick (CP) 4 - Phoenix (Knoebels) 5 - Millennium Force (CP) 6 - Montu/Raptor (BGT/CP) 7 - Phantom's Revenge (Kennywood) 8 - Ravine Flyer II (Waldameer) 9 - Banshee (KI) 10 - Diamondback (KI)
  7. Back wing seat on Skyrush - either side. I love the duration of the MF drop but Skyrush's is the most ridiculous ejector moment I've experienced thus far. I actually fear for my life (in the best possible way) during this drop.
  8. You're right. Banshee, Shambhala and Sky Scrapper are all essentially worthless. Be disappointed, but how about you give this ride a spin before projecting generalizations?
  9. I believe they said it would be obvious by *tomorrow* due to the shipment (presumably track/supports) they are receiving. B&M is almost a given unless another manufacturer has changed their support design to mimic B&M.
  10. ^I was addressing the person I quoted, explaining why footers have to advance to a certain point before manufacturer becomes obvious. I see what you are referring to and I do assume this will be a B&M but haven't seen the "almond cutout" definitively yet.
  11. Because it's all about the "cutout" in the footer that the supports interface with, not the base shape of the cement structure. In the pictures we have so far, the support interface is not visible for Carowind's footings.
  12. Not to downplay HW's investment (few are more excited than I), but that's not correct. Ohio alone has 4 coasters >$22million.
  13. We can finally put this issue to rest. Banshee (longest invert in the world) was a $24 million investment to put this addition in perspective. Excited for Thursday night!
  14. ^Agreed. I'm thinking they would have to redesign their flyer trains to allow for boarding like this. On the (extreme) outside chance this is a launched flyer, a more likely setup would probably be - standard loading, train navigates a pre-launch section to flip over - train enters launch track.
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