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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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So, here's a picture of it, all sad and gone, I'm really upset that they couldn't have just waited for the water park to close, I was hoping that i'd get on it the last day it was ever open. I kind of wish it was announced earlier like "last day" or i wouldn't have driven so far to miss out on it.


>= ( So sad....

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hey guys and gals, just got home from carowinds in Fort Mill, SC / Charlotte, NC.


cedar fair dismantled one of their newest coasters at the park to make room for something new. what will it be? the sign on the fence said to check carowinds.com on sept. 10th for info.


also, these yankees have some things to learn about carolina weather, it's still upper 80's to 90's and the freaking water park is closed already!!!!!


and the food! how disgusting! ordered chili cheese fries and the server had trouble getting the cheese and chili spoons off of the paper plates they were stored on. on top of that they scraped a solid layer of sludge off of each too!


would have taken more pictures but my phone sucks and has a million pictures of the inside of my pocket so the memory was full.



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sorry kalvin i searched and didn't find it. would be happy to put this where it belongs with a little help.


EDIT: I merged it for you - larrygator


thanks larrygator, i appreciate it., guess i better work on my search skills, lol


and to the hurler haters, wood coasters are supposed to be rough, thats the fun in it, if you want a smooth ride, get on a steel coaster. i have yet to see a smooth woody, and i would be very disappointed if i had to ride one, if its too rough, you are too old. sorry, my own opinion.

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Carolina Cobra to Strike at Carowinds for 2009


Carowinds announces plans for its new coaster


Charlotte, N.C. – There’s a new species coming to the Carolinas, but this is no animal! Carolina Cobra is an innovative new scream machine that will be the park’s 12th roller coaster when it makes its much-anticipated debut at Carowinds in 2009.


Carowinds, a 112-acre amusement park located on the border of the Carolinas, will debut Carolina Cobra in early spring 2009. This rebellious 125-foot-tall steel coaster will stand as the second tallest coaster in the park. This large new addition will hover near the entrance of Boomerang Bay, and, coincidentally, happens to be a “boomerang” coaster, meaning that it will travel the same track forwards and backwards.


The boomerang experience is unlike any coaster at Carowinds. Riders on the Carolina Cobra are pulled up a steep 125-foot lift hill and sent diving down a 120-foot drop, speeding along a 65-degree descent into three inversions, including a cobra roll and a 360-degree loop. The train is then “caught” by another lift hill, and, once it looses momentum, is towed to the top as riders wait in anticipation for the second descent. When the train is finally released, riders are sent racing into the inversions again…except this time in reverse!


In addition, Carolina Cobra is adorned with a newly designed train exclusive only to its tracks. No other parks in the United States have yet to utilize this spacious style of trains, designed specifically for a heightened rider-experience. This new sleek 28 passenger train will create an aerodynamic experience unlike any other on a coaster as riders undergo the sensations of wind and speed at an amplified level. With its narrowed nose and widened harnesses, Carolina Cobra is sure to provide a smooth ride.


“Carowinds has always been a perfect blend of family-entertainment and thrill attractions,” said John Shanrock, the park’s vice president and general manager. “For 2009, however, we plan to tilt the scale more to the thrill side! Carolina Cobra will be exhilarating and unlike any coaster that we house at this park. Only serious thrill-seekers should venture into the queues of this towering twisting serpent.”


Carolina Cobra joins a portfolio of 11 industry-leading roller coasters including Afterburn, Vortex, Carolina Cyclone, Nighthawk, The Hurler and Thunder Road.


Don’t miss out on your chance to ride Carolina Cobra all season long with a 2009 Season Pass! Purchase your 2009 Carowinds Season Pass today for only $69.99 per VIP Adult Pass and $59.99 per VIP Junior/Senior pass. Also, current 2008 Season Passholders may renew their passes for only $59.99! Hurry, this offer is only valid through November 2, 2008! Visit Carowinds.com for a complete listing of benefits and pricing information. Don’t miss out on a 2009 season full of adventure as Carowinds unveils Carolina Cobra!


For more information on Carolina Cobra, go to Carowinds.com. This news release can be accessed online at Carowinds.com/news.


Construction Photo!!!






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Yes it is from Geauga Lake but it sounds like they will be utilizing the new style of trains.


It will be interesting for us in the States to see how much better this type of ride can be with a new restraint system.


This ride seems like a nice fit for Carowinds for the time being...but bring on the Hyper Coaster soon please!

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and to the hurler haters, wood coasters are supposed to be rough, thats the fun in it, if you want a smooth ride, get on a steel coaster. i have yet to see a smooth woody, and i would be very disappointed if i had to ride one, if its too rough, you are too old. sorry, my own opinion.


I agree with what your saying here. For example, I LOVED wildcat at Hersheypark while others claim that it is too rough, but El Toro certaintly isnt rough and it is amazing as well. I dont believe a wooden coaster has to be a rougher ride to be a good ride.

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Alright, so now that all the "tension" about getting a "new" coaster and its name are finally done. Whats next?


I have been thinking about what Carowinds could do to utilize space. While it would be ideal if they could keep all of the coasters, some will eventually have to go. The thing is, Carowinds is so well rounded, it makes for a hard decision.


Maybe they sould just go ahead and sell of Hurler. While I enjoy the ride, there are many complaints about how rough it is so instead of retracking, why not just make room for a larger coaster there? They have the room there as well.


Vortex is another I would consider removing but its footprint isn't that large and whatever they would replace it with wouldn't match what the Vortex is today.


Maybe Carowinds should outfit the Carolina Cyclone with some new trains similar to the ones on the new Cobra? Just some thoughts.

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They just called a boomerang innovative? Really?


The release does a good job of making the coaster sound a lot more thrilling then it really is, however I don't think I'll be making any new plans to rush out to Charlotte next year.


Yep. It still leaves the Family Suspended Vekoma (Runaway Reptar) as our "newest" attraction in terms of age. But people wont realize that.


The new trains are nice and makes me want to experience the ride regardless of how old it is.


Anything "new" is nice at a park like Carowinds. Just shows that it isnt being forgotten.

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A Boomerang coaster is only innovative for Carowinds...why do we keep getting crap from other parks passed off as "new"????


Consequently, any coaster is better than stupid new additions to the water park.


I was always hoping Carowinds would go for something huge like a hyper to put up a fight with SFOG, but they seem to be content with 2nd...check that 3rd in attendance behind SFOG and now Hard Rock in the South.

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