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  1. Well Darn, I guess i made a good choice to stay home and watch the video stream that kept freezing up but i was disappointed in the way some of the people on the chat were acting
  2. ^ awww i thought it was an invite only event, i live 2 miles away and was off work today, i should have went.
  3. ^^ we don't know for sure, but is the announcement going to be televised live, like on a local channel or anything?
  4. I am pretty much be happy with getting a new coaster period. But would love it to be something cool
  5. Ya i just got back from Carowinds and was watching the planes fly over, they really don't fly low over the park at all. Also watched the tight rope walker guy, Nick Wallenda? Pretty good show, he says he will be back next year and will raise his cable to the top of the tower.
  6. The sky tower is 340 feet with antenna, but i think there is a local FAA code that says 285 feet is the max for a new structure within so far from the airport. I may be wrong. Just going by hearsay Edit: There have been instances with other parks that built over maximum allowed height by exceptions granted by local governments.
  7. Just for a recap to bring everyone up to date on the new coaster coming. It is a B&M (possibly a hyper) It is going to be Dale Earnhardt themed South Carolina side of the park only. 10 acres to cover for the construction Big tax discounts from York County (is that just property taxes?) Maximum build height for Carowinds is 285 feet (not really sure but i think that is what i heard) Digging is an option (they dug for Top Gun....er i mean Afterburn) am i missing anything? Edit: Been a while since i visited due to being busy, but 93 pages is a lot to read. Just trying to make it easier for anyone else who may want to know.
  8. sorry kalvin i searched and didn't find it. would be happy to put this where it belongs with a little help. EDIT: I merged it for you - larrygator thanks larrygator, i appreciate it., guess i better work on my search skills, lol and to the hurler haters, wood coasters are supposed to be rough, thats the fun in it, if you want a smooth ride, get on a steel coaster. i have yet to see a smooth woody, and i would be very disappointed if i had to ride one, if its too rough, you are too old. sorry, my own opinion.
  9. hey guys and gals, just got home from carowinds in Fort Mill, SC / Charlotte, NC. cedar fair dismantled one of their newest coasters at the park to make room for something new. what will it be? the sign on the fence said to check carowinds.com on sept. 10th for info. also, these yankees have some things to learn about carolina weather, it's still upper 80's to 90's and the freaking water park is closed already!!!!! and the food! how disgusting! ordered chili cheese fries and the server had trouble getting the cheese and chili spoons off of the paper plates they were stored on. on top of that they scraped a solid layer of sludge off of each too! would have taken more pictures but my phone sucks and has a million pictures of the inside of my pocket so the memory was full.
  10. carowinds, cedar point, geagua lake, myrtle beach pavillion, kings island, kings dominion, six flags georgia, and if i can make it to california paramounts great adventure, and if i make it into ontario canada wonderland. i am trying to get full use out of my paramount parks season pass.
  11. definately milennium force is the best in the back seats. i cant wait to go back to ohio and visit my friends and go to CP! last time i went to geagua lake was right after six flags took it over and i got kicked out for doing ilegal stuff in the parking lot. I'm glad CF bought it, but dissapointed in the fact they don't upkeep it like they do cedar point. great pics by the way. glad you liked it in ohio.
  12. a certain unnamed manager at paramount carrowinds said yesterday that cedar fair is not going to be the new owners, there supposedly is a deal in the works with Disney. not from a very reliable source tho, this chick is flakey at best.
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