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2008 Track-work

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Over the off season, what parks are having work being done on their coasters to make for a better experience? This could involve re-tracking, new trains, ect.


All I can think of is Morey's getting new trains/restraints for the SLC...

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GCII has rebuilt the back turn (backwards side) of Carowinds' Thunder Road (from the footers to the hand rails).


In addition to the Bolder Dash re-track, GCII is also doing a LOT of work on Cheetah at Wild Adventures. Look for wood replacing the steel at several high-G pull-out sections. Hopefully, this will make for a less-punishing ride.



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Phoenix and Twister are both getting some track replaced. Neither of them were particularly bad last season (Phoenix is never bad, and Twister had had some track work the previous winter), but Knoebels likes to stay ahead.

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Shockwave is getting a total retrack at SFOT.


Actually its only like a 500 foot section this year. Maybe less. Far from a total retrack.


Texas Giant is getting it's usual track work. I have seen work on the first turn after the drop...not sure if anywhere else has gotten any love.

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Roller Coaster - Trains from Big Dipper (possibly)




The ONLY redeeming thing about RollerCoaster is the complete lack of restraints on the trains. They're really unique, funky trains, too.


If they put BD's trains on it, I hope they at least remove the lap bars first.

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